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Sunset Soccer



                       Photo by Christi Britten, 2022 Juneteenth, Project Say Something Dancing


This Issue: Community! - Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Vicki Goldston, ak

Our Ears are Wide Open, and We Need Your Voice! - Facebook Contributors, 
Wanda Gail Campbell, Mary Young Griffin, Beverly Hill, Bradford Thompson,
Tonya Yeargin

New Faces, Old Graces: Welcome Guest Contributors! - Vicki


Sarin's Thai: Crispy Fish and Cucumber Salad - Columnist, Sarin Basley

Creating and Sustaining Community - Contributor, Dr. Joyce Brown

Community: My "Sisters" - "Dirty Friends"
- Contributor, Jonathan David Cain

Nurturing Your Community: Dr. Russell Clayton - Guest Contributor, Dr. Russell Clayton

Larry Cope: Capturing Beauty, Strength and History - Guest Contributor,

Larry Cope

Artist Derrick Davis: Timeless - Guest Contributor, Derrick Davis

Catching up with Luis Del Valle - Guest Contributor, Luis Del Valle

Artist Perspective: Mikel Elam on Community
- Columnist, Mikel Elam

Artist, Juan R. Fuentes: Activating Change - Guest Contributor, Juan R. Fuentes

Community Tidbits from A to Z - Contributor, Dr. Robert V. Gerard

Thanks for Listening: Participation - Columnist, William Leroy Kennedy

Home Remedies to Enact Community - Contributor, Christine "Liz" LaRue

Miah Leslie: Beauty...Art...Happiness - Guest Contributor, Miah Leslie

In Thinking About Worth vs Church and Legislation
- Guest Contributor, Frank Malaba

Sugar Pearl's: Bossa Nova while 'Shroomin' and Tr'allop Scallops and Pinot Green Sauce
-Guest ContributorCarla Renea

Goin' In: Diego Marcial Rios - Guest Contributor, Diegos Marcial Rios

NEWBORN - Contributor, Tekla A. Syers

The Natural Order of Things - Contributor, Rev. Bobby Yarbrough


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