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You My Mama!

So, everyone that has had any recent contact with me knows that my digital magazine, Garden Spices Magazine, was hijacked.  Yes, directly after the George Floyd verdict, my site was hit and left with articles written by the devil itself.  The tunes sung were about Black trans athletes, Blacks against whites, George Floyd was a criminal, you get the picture.  I was devastated, but not as outdone as my warrior, daughter, Camille.

Y’all know I’m Miss Spirituality.  So, while Mr. K and I were set to travel (road trip, road trip!), I decided I would leave my computer home to release and let go of my magazine troubles; to let God have its way.  And whoa…God worked through warrior Camille to get my magazine up and running and to help track down the culprit.  Although we have not yet found who committed the terrorism, Spicy will be making a guest appearance in the new issue of Garden Spices!!

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