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Words of Dr. Russell Clayton


Don’t believe that the journey of awakening is a luxury, this is just another story of the mind that seeks to trap you in the world of form. Since the beginning of time, man and woman have contemplated their true nature. We have continuously searched outside ourselves for answers that are already inside of us. Our pain is largely because we continue not to believe in ourselves, yet somehow we instinctively know that there is a more profound meaning to life besides experience itself; a deeper level of understanding underneath the obvious. It seems farfetched that this realization can one day be touched, known, and absorbed in our lives. It is almost unbelievable, but it is all so real and so very true.





Every time you visualize your healing all the way to completion, your healing draws nearer to you. Once you state your intention to heal, it increases the likelihood of it manifesting. Healing is like planting a seed into the ground. Setting the intention to heal plants the seed and then taking action produces the plant.



Dr. Russell Clayton is a Los Angeles-based Physician. An OBGYN for Kaiser Permanente, he is also a poet and author of the book, Finding The Greater You – The Path To Your Soul.   Dr. Clayton was educated at The University of Chicago, University of Illinois, and completed his residency in gynecology at Saint Johns Hospital in Queens, New York. Dr. Clayton is a father of four and is happily married.  He is active in his medical practice, but his passion is writing and publishing his poetry based in Spirituality and Consciousness.

Dr. Clayton’s first book, “The Greater You, The Journey of Awakening” focused on the inner journey. “Love and Healing” focuses on healing emotional suffering. “Love And Healing Exercises” Dr. Clayton’s third book is a seventy-step action plan pocket guide for your spiritual restoration.

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