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Aligned Action

When do we take action? How do we take aligned action? By the way, what is action? Is it the physical movement of our thoughts? Is it a reactionary quick step? Is it intentional energy work?  Is it all the above? And what does aligned action mean?

Alignment means that the thoughts and feelings we send out into the world find matching vibrations that create the path we experience. So, can we create this path intentionally and through our actions? 

When we initially think about action, we think of physical movement. That's what action films and shows are, correct? Where does our physical movement begin, though? What thoughts form, and what feelings stir us to propel forward with physical motion? Are we aware of why we are moving forward with action? 

"In philosophy, an action is an event that an agent performs for a purpose, that is, guided by the person's intention." Wikipedia

Do we think before we act? Sometimes, we do, and sometimes, we don't. For many people, situations that arise will create an immediate reaction fueled by intense feelings regardless of the outcome. Is that action aligned? Honestly, it is aligned with how we are feeling at that moment, so the answer would be yes. 

If we want to be more intentional about our actions, we need to learn to pay close attention to how we feel and think. How can we be more aware of what we intend to accomplish? 

We can take a 5-second break before taking physical action. We can breathe in and out to center our thoughts and consider what we are feeling. Is this a feeling I want to expand, or is this a temporary, emotionally filled reaction? 

Being in alignment means having a resonance of vibration. That resonance can be a full range of feelings and thoughts. You can be in alignment with anger, jealousy, disappointment, joy, happiness, or love. 

Your actions can stem from feelings up and down the scale and will create a path that aligns with those feelings. So, alignment is not a foo foo fluffy, always positive bell-chiming fairies flying around sprinkling magic dust kind of experience. 

Aligned action is what you create. Action can be simply speaking from emotions or quietly praying for a loved one. Action can be physical, intentional, emotional, or spiritual. Aligned action will always bring about your intended path according to your thoughts and feelings. Does this process make you responsible for your actions? It does.

Your thoughts and feelings create your action steps, creating your experiences. As much as it puts the responsibility on you for your actions, it also completely liberates you. Your actions are on you and nobody else, as much as everyone else is responsible for their actions and nobody else. This liberation also means that you can create everything you desire and take any action steps you choose.  Your life is up to you. 

So, aligned action propels us forward from our thoughts and emotions to create an intended purpose. The understanding that we are moving forward based on our thoughts and feelings and taking notice of where those are will allow us to know the path we are creating. 

Action is necessary in all forms. Aligned action is inevitable. Awareness with aligned action is powerful and can change not only your life but also those around you. 

Your Life is Your Flow and Always Your Choice. 


M. LaRae M.Sc. Metaphysician and Reiki Master Marquetta LaRae, M.Sc. Metaphysician / Reiki Master / Bestselling Amazon Author

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Marquetta LaRae, M.Sc.                                                                                                                     Metaphysician / Spiritual Intuitive 

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