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We Will Not Go Back!

If there was ever a time for action, it is now. Every woman of child-bearing age and those who care about them should feel called to vote their choice at the ballot box this November.

Remember, women could not vote until August 26, 1920. The Suffragettes were called to action to access more power through the ballot box. Today, in 2024, we have states like Arizona that want to turn the clock back even further, enacting an abortion ruling that dates back to 1864. 1864!

We will not go back. Regardless of those in current power who fear losing said power, we will not go back. Women were not put here just to bear and raise children. There have been far too many female accomplishments and victories for that.

We must fight for our right to be equal. We must fight to let society know we can govern our bodies. A man knows nothing about the birthing of a child and the responsibility that comes with it. He can plant his seed and move on, leaving the repercussions with the woman.

We’re not having it! We are called to action to vote for the people who agree with us. We will vote for ourselves and our rights to control our bodies.


Beverly Hill

I am the owner/designer of Queen B by Beverly Hill.

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