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Before You Take Action, Do This…

Updated: May 3


Life. It ebbs and flows. From homeostasis to entropy, balance to imbalance, we are always in a state of change.

From winter to spring, the stillness is disrupted by life, spawning renewed activity. From the Earth of dormancy, seeds germinate, and flowers emerge as nature blooms with beauty and wildness! All the while, below the stillness of the winter gloom, the inactive is in action.

Do you feel the buzz for change? Are you poised to take action in this season of new beginnings? Do you long for change in your mindset, finances, relationships, or community? Change doesn’t just happen! Someone, some thing, must move. But before we take action, let us begin with non-action.

So from the sage’s emptiness, stillness arises:

From stillness, action. From action, attainment.

From their stillness comes their non-action, which is also an action

And is, therefore, their attainment.

For stillness is joy.

Poem “Action and Non-action,” by Chuang Tzu

Action is often considered congruent with power. The one who takes action attains their prize and desires. In today’s society, we can see what drives many to take action in the diametric of survival and lack of power and prestige. Tantalized into grasping for things promised to fulfill, many are bereft with sensations of emptiness and loneliness.

Obtaining the things we desire in life and achieving our goals is admirable and fulfilling. After all, the purpose of living is to gain Soul development and Worldly experience. Yet, we can easily get ensnarled in paths of illusions of gains and grandeur or self-deprecating efforts that do not align with our spirit.

In non-action, in the stillness, we can pause and allow the inner self to come forward, to be heard and honored. What is your Soul/Spirit whispering to you?

The sages knew. In the silence, there is power in non-action.

About two months ago, I got a subtle feeling in my gut. In this new season, I decided to prune extraneous activities, rest, enjoy life more, and focus on my health. I hired a health coach, and I’m adding dance, art, and more meditation into my routine! My body is my top priority for 2024.

And then—I discovered a prosperity code report. When I received my 2024 report, I must have laughed out loud for five minutes straight!

The report advised me to put my health first and discontinue any bad work habits. Implementing this new approach to life could lead to even more abundance.

I didn’t need a report to tell me that! I had already sat in non-action, the stillness, and received this guidance. It seemed like counter-intuitive guidance, the opposite of what the world or even my ego mind was encouraging me to do. Yet, my spirit guided me to a more fulfilling life and prosperity!

So, before you take action, sit in non-action and stillness. No matter how long it takes, listen for the next steps guided by your Spirit and witness action arise from non-action.

©KishaFreed 2024


1 Thomas Merton, “Action and Non-Action” from The Way of Chuang Tzu. Copyright © 1965 by The Abbey of Gethsemani, Inc. Reprinted by permission of New Directions Publishing Corporation. Source: The Collected Poems of Thomas Merton (1977)



Kisha S Freed is a certified Success Coach. Through her coaching services at Unlimited for Life – Coaching, LLC, overwhelmed professionals, managers, and entrepreneurs develop self-leadership skills and self-mastery in their personal and professional life through her Grow Your EQ model. Kisha is also a Spiritual Coach, implementing psychoevolutionary tools for aligning spiritual and professional growth.

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Unlimited for Life Coaching
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