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Urban Exploration with Artist, Jonathan Carter

I’m a city girl; maybe that is why Jonathan Carter’s work captures my soul.  Through the subtle nuances of his palette, I can feel the color and pulse of cityscapes.  The featured image, Edge of Night 2 illustrates how cities speak through elements like the dawn of darkness highlighting rainy streets, their lights, yellow lines, and pedestrians that walk between them.  The buildings loom and settle with shops beneath them.  Ahhh,  Jonathan Carter’s cities.  Garden Spices welcomes them/you.  Gate open! – Victorine


Artist’s Statement

I am inspired by inner city, urban street scenes, urban parks and off the beaten path urban places, the people and businesses that populate them, and the architecture and flow of urban city life.  I grew up in the inner-city and also lived there as an adult for quite some time.  The markets, outdoor dining spots, pubs, and smells of these areas fire my imagination to create artwork that seeks to express these feelings.

I enjoy experiencing the urban core in all kinds of weather so that I can know in a visceral sense its varied moods, atmospheres, and rainy or snowy nights in the city filled with myriad lights reflected on the streets, or perhaps the sideways cutting bright slices of sunny mornings that cast long, crisp, colorful shadows across energetic scenes of people rushing to work. Sweltering hot deep summer afternoons cause people to seek out the cool and shady corners and crevices of the city, and I must spend the afternoon in the shade of a tree painting a study of the pergola of a city park.

These explorations of the urban environment provide me with all of the ideas and inspiration I need to keep my artistic practice focused on the subject matter that thrills me most.  I believe that the inner city is our modern-day equivalent to the city forums of ancient Rome. Now, as back then, people of every social class and walk of life can interact with one another more freely than in most other environments they ordinarily operate in, and this is something that should be preserved in spite of our smartphones taking up so much of our time.

I am bringing my explorations of this vibrant urban world to life in my practice via emotionally charged works of art that fuel the imagination, uplift the heart, and provide both profound insights and sentimental memories.  My desire is that patrons invest in my work so that I can continue my explorations, thereby adding new value to their lives.


Rainy Nights in the City 1


Rainy Night in the City 3


Faded Photograph


Pendleton Parlor


Days and Dreams



Jonathan’s work is in public and private collections around the country.  He currently lives and paints in Cincinnati, and is actively involved with pursuing expressions of explorations of the urban environment in oil and mixed media.

Jonathan will be working with LosRocosos Vineyards of the Rocks District, Milton-Freewater, Oregon This coming Autumn on a plein air exploration of the area, and subsequent showing of the paintings in one of the tasting rooms in Walla Walla, Washington.  LosRocosos has already commissioned a label by the artist for one of their tempranillo varietals of wine. It now graces the bottle and is available to collectors.

Jonathan Carter



  1. Artist in residence in July 2021 for the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company at the Otto M. Budig Theater 1195 Elm St. in Over the Rhine, downtown Cincinnati.

  2. He had work in the group show, “One Nation Under Art” at Caza Sikes Gallery, 3578 Madison Rd., Cinciinati, 45209 April 3 through May 1, 2021.

  3. Recipient of Artswave Individual Artist Relief Grant Feb, 2021

  4. Participated in a group show “Unconscious Bias” at Art Resource Team Gallery Feb 13 – March 13, 2021. 506 Wyoming Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio

  5. Jonathan’s work has been represented by Gallery 708, 2643 Erie Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio 45208.

  6. He showed work at Red Tree Gallery and Coffeehouse in a group portrait show June 7-August 16, 2019. 3210 Madison Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio

  7. Participated in the annual SOS show at the Art Academy Cincinnati, May 31-June 9, 2019

  8. Participated in a group show March 16, 2019 entitled “The Shift, Evolution of Grace” at Grace Episcopal Church Cincinnati, Ohio

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