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UNTIL THE BITTER ENDS: A Song by Belinda J. Jackson


(First Verse)

Where is your conscience? Does it still work? Who made you bitter? Does it still hurt? You know the difference Between right and wrong Karma will chase you Until it hits home


Photo by Frederick Huntley

You pass down the madness The ignorance and lies With your scorn and your judgment And don’t even know why You’re cursing your children They’ll pay for your sins No justice, no peace Until the bitter ends

(Second Verse)

The blood of the innocent Stains your heart and your hands When you see, and say nothing And don’t take a stand You say you’re a Christian Is your head bowed in shame? No one is beneath you We’re all made the same

(Repeat Chorus)


The problem is human The solution is, too Uprooting the bitter Begins inside you

(Repeat Chorus)

Belinda J. Jackson

©April 18, 2021


—Belinda Jackson

Belinda is currently a freelance writer and resides in her hometown in The Shoals Area of Northwest Alabama. Leaving the rat race of several demanding careers behind, she’s making the most of the quarantine and enjoying the slowdown. Belinda worked on Nashville’s Music Row throughout the ’90s as a songwriter, publisher, and songplugger, focusing on helping her staff of songwriters get their songs recorded, including some #1 hits. These days, whether she’s writing songs or articles, creating handmade jewelry for local shops, crocheting, or exploring nature for treasures, as long as she’s doing something creative, she’s happy. Her daughters Sydney and Hali and her grandson Marshall are the light of her life.

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