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The Positive Power of You: FOILED EXPECTATIONS

I love it when a holiday falls on a weekday, and I enjoy extra days off work. Imagine my excitement when Christmas is on a Monday, and the boss decides to stay closed on Tuesday. Yes! I resound with glee!

I have four days to myself. I have so much personal stuff I want and need to get accomplished. Can you gather that I am excited about the length of time off? I am super stoked.

As they say, I’ve been very busy and non-stop moving and shaking. Now, I am in my mid-fifties and by no accounts ancient, but by no means a spring chicken either. If I’m being brutally honest with you and myself, I feel a little tired lately. Since I’m being honest, I’m not always the best facilitator of my restful needs either.

My typical week is around 48 hrs. at my paycheck job. Thus, the evenings and weekends are when I do my metaphysical and soul work. That includes writing books and articles, creating courses and hosting workshops, facilitating singing bowl meditations and Reiki, and doing intuitive oracle card readings. Thankfully, I have been on a steady roll for the last few months.

Four days in a row off feels like a golden prize. I am so excited, and there are so many things I can get done. I have an imagination full of expectations for my upcoming rendezvous with time.

By the end-of-day click on the timecard, some of my expectations were as follows:

Catch up on laundry and dishes,

Vacuum and mop,

Design and order new business cards,

Design new marketing reels,

Take the dog to the park,

Create an area for making videos,

Create singing bowl videos to post,

Manage videos and my SEO content,

Start outline for a new book idea,

Order and pick up groceries,

Do an oracle card reading and reiki session,

Make some candy for my friends and neighbors,

And there were more…

Let’s review the accomplishments for day one: Groceries (check), card reading, and Reiki (check). I decided to have a salad and join a neighbor for a movie. Good times.

And then BAMMM, Im down for the count. The bagged salad was not my friend this time. We all can agree that food poisoning is no joke. My body was not finding any amusement in this new situation.

 So the next two days were slight bites of saltines and jello with what I could hold down of the Gatorade and hot tea. It was not at all what I had expected for my extended weekend.

The recliner and I spent most of the time together curled up with intermittent sleeping. Again, not what I expected.

I didn’t have the energy or ability to do anything on my expectation list from this point on. Definitely not what I had expected.

Did I somehow create this experience from my subconscious to get the rest my body needed? Did my body know better than my overzealous mind? Or did I need to pay attention to my intuitive thoughts about which lettuce to get and end up with a bad bag?

Since I believe our thoughts extend and create our reality, how did I create this situation? My thoughts didn’t expect to be sick for most of my prize time, but my body apparently expected to get some rest one way or another. My body and subconscious were plotting against my expectation list, and collective consciousness won.

As the days passed, I began expecting to have solid food and regain my energy. The list didn’t get done this time, but I fully expect to work it all into my schedule a little at a time.

Maybe I should expect the unexpected and be open to all possibilities.

I have material available online to learn about your vibrational field, including mini-courses and my bestselling book, Vibrational Badassery. I also offer personal singing bowl meditations and oracle card readings.

You can find all of these here at my



M. LaRae

You can get more information on any of my social pages FB, IN, TT @thepositivepowerofyou and my website

M. Larae

M. LaRae M.Sc. Metaphysician and Reiki Master             

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