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  • Carol Landry

"Expectancy" is the Key

Many years ago, as I became more and more aware of the power of thought and word, I began letting go of "expectations." Letting go of expectations is an ongoing process that continues to this day, though it is much quicker. What, let go of expectations? Why would anyone choose to do that? Choose, yes, it is a choice, an ongoing, every-moment choice. But ... but ... but ... isn't expectation using our imagination to achieve a better tomorrow? Mmmm ... yes, but a limited tomorrow is replete with unexpected consequences.

Without expectation, how will we move forward toward our dreams? Let's change the spelling by a few letters to "expectancy." So big deal, right? I propose that "expectation" has some specifics within it; specifics have boundaries by definition. Imagination has no boundaries until it encounters specifics. Are you following me here? Therefore, an expectation creates a boundary, an unintended and unnecessary boundary.

Expectancy, on the other hand, is open-ended. I can live in open hope, faith, and awareness of various positive outcomes, leading to more expanded outcomes. Expectations can lead to disappointment and disillusionment if the desired outcome isn't achieved. Expectancy opens the awareness to different possibilities to unimagined results, leading to expanded imagination and allowing the process to move ever onward.

I invite you to try Expectancy. Expand the power of your imagination. Let go of expectations. Release discouragement and disappointment. Expand your vision. Increase possibilities.


Carol Landry

Carol officially retired in November 2018, after many years of ministry at Unity Church on the Mountain in Huntsville, AL. Prior to ministry, Carol provided Career Counseling workshops for the military and a variety of downsizing businesses. She sold 95% of her worldly goods to continue her love of travel. Carol joined her daughter and son-in-law living the full-time RV life on the road. In 18 months she has traveled from coast to coast and back to Alabama. The process will continue as she follows where ever the road leads. She has traveled to Canada, Europe, and Turkey and lived in many towns in a variety of states. Her writing now includes a new foray into poetry.

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