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Sticking Together

By: Rev Bobby

Photo by Alex Nemo Hanse on Unsplash

Some years ago, an election was held for Mayor in a Florida City where I happened to live. The polls reflected some interesting data, so a friend of mine contacted me and wanted me to be “involved” in electing the new Mayor. I no longer lived there but knew the players and the community well. I agreed to help. And what was so very interesting was that they had a chance to install a Mayor with more affinity to support the Black community. The poll information indicated a virtual tie between the candidates without the black vote included. BINGO!!! The Black vote was the swing. If they voted as a block, they could seat a Democratic Mayor in a Republican stronghold. I was ready to help.

During the meetings I attended remotely, there was the usual jockeying for position and power. One person got so frustrated at me that they shouted, “You don’t even live here.” The person who had reached out to me was operating in a peacekeeper role, so after we talked, I did tone it down a bit and not turn the thumbscrews so tight. All the effort was worth it because on election night, in a show of unity, the Black community voted as a block, electing a mayor who was sensitive to but also supportive of the community’s needs.

This exercise in unity was demonstrated by solidarity in a group that enabled it, the community, to express its opinions and manifest its strength to exert influence as one. In taking this action, the community was empowered and learned a great lesson in leveraging votes. The system by which we elect officials can work for the people if, in fact, they know how to wield their power. We sometimes get a bit misconstrued by paying attention to the television, but we must reduce things to the basics and remember that all the power lies in “We The People.” We must walk in unity to bring forth the changes we desire to see. Peace.


– Rev. BobbyThe Reverend Doctor

Robert I. Yarbrough is an independent New Thought Minister, trained and steeped in Fillmorian Theology. He is a writer, author, lecturer, workshop/seminar facilitator, and former television host, of “Eating From The Tree Of Life” in Chicago. His extraordinary Bible skills led him in his two-year series on the book of The Revelation, where Rev. Bobby shared the secrets recorded in the most loving book in the Bible with others. His unique presentation style places audiences at ease which is always conducive for them to come away with some spiritual meat that they can immediately apply to their lives. In his newest book, 28 Days A Journey Within, Rev. Bobby establishes the bridge necessary for those ready to break through and move all of their desires into manifest reality. Reverend Bobby is also a board member of the X-Tend-A-Hand Ministry in Chicago. He handles all pastoral care duties and functions as the non-profit expert as he incorporated the ministry and developed the 501 (c) (3) package. Rev. Bobby also fields, initiates and handles all communication between X-Tend-A-Hand and the government agencies that have oversight responsibilities for nonprofit organizations

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