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  • Dr, Jacqueline Osborne

Mutual. Respect: Message of the Peacemaker

Featured image: Deganawida,, Famous Seneca chief of the Iroquois league, Red Jacket, political negotiator and critic of European religion, speaking to crowd

Clashes of differing opinions are productive. They ignite a spark of truth that produces a fire that gives light to life. Arguments between points of view are different. They divide hearts and minds, which destroys the integrity of the whole.

In consultation, two people may have clashes of differing opinions - equal and opposite points of view - and yet both can be right. The strength of the consultation - which has for its purpose the investigation of truth - comes from the mutual respect and sincere regard for the differing opinions. The thing is, a point of view can be like an arrow. Alone, a single pointed arrow can be broken. Pointed arrows bundled together in unity are unbreakable. Unity in diversity is the key.

That was the message of Peacemaker. He came to the warring tribes of the Northeast and united them with the Great Law of Peace. His wisdom resulted in the formation of the Six Nations-Iroquois Confederacy, which became the basis for the United States Constitution. Too bad it has worked against us. The disunity resulting from differing opinions gone astray is palpable.

These times are destined for significant change, though. Consciousness is increasing, as if the dawn of a new day is occurring. Indeed it is. Same Sun, New Day.


Dr. Jacqueline Osborne

 –Dr. Jacqueline Osborne is a practitioner and celebrant of Baha’i principles.  She believes in “One Human Family.”

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