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The Frequency of Intention vs. Resolution 


The Quantum You, 2022 

Have you or will you make resolutions for the New Year? Chances are you have. Chances are you will. Odds are, you won’t keep them. The grim statistics show only 8% of resolutions will survive the year, with most fizzling out by mid-February. So what is it that allows us to disregard them so hastily? Where do frequency and quantum you fit into this equation? Let’s look at resolutions, intentions, frequency, and the quantum you.  

According to, the first New Year’s celebration was some 4,000 years ago when the ancient Babylonians held a massive 12-day festival known as Akitu. Instead of January 1st, this celebration ushered in mid-March’s new year when the crops were ready to plant. During this festival, the Babylonians promised their gods to pay their debts and return borrowed objects. The belief is that these promises are the forerunners of our current resolutions. However, they have evolved over the years to become contracts with ourselves instead of promises to the gods. lists a resolution as: “the act of resolving or determining upon an action, course of action, method, procedure, etc.

a resolve; a decision or determination. 

The ritual of making resolutions for the New Year has long been to change habits, make desired realities come to life by promising ourselves to shift gears. We vow to improve our lives by changing things that don’t seem to add value to things or situations add value. In this regard, a resolution appears to be something projected into the future. lists an intention as: “purpose or attitude toward the effect of one’s actions or conduct”

In this definition, an intention is a clarifying and defining attitude. There are variations in the definition of intentions, but I think we most often recognize an intention as something we intend to do. If so, this would also be something we are projecting into the future. If we could shift our idea to the one listed above when applying to New Year’s, we could change the energy and, thereby, the outcome of our intentions.                                                                    

How can changing our perception help give our promises or pledges for the new year a higher survival rate? When we change the way we feel about the word intention, we literally change the energy of the idea or concept. When we change the energy, we change the frequency. When we change the frequency, we change the alignment of those thoughts. When we change the alignment, then we change the experience. 

We are energy fields in biological motion. We flow in frequency with every thought we have. Every thought is like a radio signal sending out a request into the world around us for anything playing on that same signal. This signal is the quantum you. When your frequency signals that you need something, the thought is projected into the future. The signal is that you don’t have whatever it is you need. Therefore, you are sending out signals of lack and limitation. With each resolution, you are signaling that you are without the very thing you desire. This signal connects you with more experiences to affirm that lack and limitation. 

To shift over to intentions based on a purpose or attitude, you will send signals that further your action, not future your action. Read that again. To further your action, not future your action. How do we do that, you might ask? Let’s take the most common pledge, which is to get healthy. If we say we will make better eating choices, we are signaling that we don’t make good eating choices. Our minds and bodies comply with the signals we are currently sending out, so shift that attitude from “I will make healthy choices” to one of “I am making healthy choices.” Eat a piece of fruit, a vegetable, a handful of almonds or drink a glass of water and state your current claim that you made a healthy choice. Now make another, and another, and each time you eat something you believe to be healthy, make your attitude loud and proud. Your body will comply with your signal, and you will begin to make those choices automatically. Now you are on purpose, right now, in the present doing and not projecting into some future time. Repeat this process for anything you choose to shift into your current experience. 

  1. Resolutions are lack and limitation projected into the future. 

  2. Intentions are a purposeful attitude you are now claiming. 

  3. Your life is your flow and always your choice. 

Now go have a badass day!! 


Metaphysician, Author, and motivational speaker.  In my mini e-book “Vibrational Badassery: The Beginner’s Guide” I go into detail about what your flow is, how it flows and where it flows. Grab your copy to read more about aligning your flow with your desired experiences. Links on website @

M. LaRae, M.Sc.

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