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The Complexities of Rest

The moment I found out that the theme for this next issue of the Garden Spices Magazine was “Rest,” my mind went blank and drifted into nowhere. Suddenly I felt a surge of information about how complex the notion of “Rest” is. 

The first thing that came to my mind was how I perceive Rest. Is it that I have no thoughts, a peaceful mind, a peaceful resting body, or an expression of freedom, or should I consider the “Quest for Rest” as a tag to ponder? 

There are eight primary applications of the word “Rest.” Four as a verb and four as a noun. That’s broad in scope. Do you Rest your spoon on the table, or do your rest your thinking brain to better enjoy the taste of each dish? After taking a long hike or walking thru the city, placing your butt onto a comfy chair provides much-needed Rest. Rest your brain, rest your feet, rest your stress: What? You can consider stress a thing; isn’t it an object of thought? 

Stress is hidden in every aspect of Life. It is part of the space-time continuum, but we don’t perceive it as any state of mindfulness, imagination, and manifestation. We live by our clocks and find shelter in our space, but do we expand when at Rest? Shouldn’t rest be part of our integral lifestyle? Depending on your society or culture, rest takes on its personality. For example, if living in the USA, you’ll probably identify that work, raising children, or getting an education tops the list availing minimal time for Rest. On the other hand, living in Europe, especially Croatia, Rest tops the list of must-dos.

Many of us who have worked hard in management and business understand the stress and tension put upon our thinking brain, offering no room for rest. Generally, most employees have only one or two weeks of vacation a year, which takes about a month to prepare, and upon your return, it takes about a few weeks of stress to re-adjust. Therefore, I doubt if much Rest can be attained on vacations.

Does music embrace Rest? The moment I turn on my favorite music, my mind-body-Soul slants toward a restful state of being, or I get energized and start wiggling my body. I guess that puts me in a state of Rest. I don’t have too many thoughts, if any, and yet I could imagine virtually anything, and should that music be really in the zone, I’ll fly with it.

Do our scientific heroes, like Einstein, Marie Curie, or DeGrasse, enjoy a state of total Rest moments before discovering something never known? Where did that new code of Life come from? Was it the result of an apriori Rest? Can our tiny brains transcend thinking and create nothingness to enjoy Rest? Can humankind develop such behavioral precision as to Rest when cognitively needed? Unfortunately, I seldom hear success stories that purport to achieve Rest.

So, the complexities of Rest abound. What is the purpose of Rest? Does it relate to our personal and social health, or does it have something to do with an exercise with gravity? Here’s my take:

  1. Rest serves as a fundamental and sustaining principle of Life.

  2. Rest is equally important as “Space and Time.”

  3. Rest is subjected to the pings of society and its culture.

  4. As a child, Rest is instinctual.

  5. As an adult, it’s an obligation.

  6. Rest empowers creativity.

  7. Without Rest, our mental, emotional, and physical faculties deteriorate.

  8. Restsilences the mind to open communication with Universal Wisdom.

  9. Rest serves as a doorway into the grandeur of Life.

  10. Chaos is the result of non-restful activities.

  11. Rest and Play serve humanity.

  12. Beyond Restis silence, the heart of oblivion.

  13. It’s the silent mind that prompts imagination.

  14. Imagination opens the way to a brilliant mind.

  15. Rest deserves our respect.

  16. Use Rest to serve developing Self-Mastery better. 

  17. Avoid taking Rest for granted.

In summary, Rest on these thoughts. Experience Rest properly. Rest can remedy the mind, heart, soul, and society. Let’s give Rest a chance.


Copyright © 2022 Robert V Gerard

669 words 

[ 29 Dec 2022 ]

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