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Thanks for Listening: Inspiration to Vote!

In the time of COVID 19, it is difficult to see which of our political leaders provide inspiration for me and my fellow citizens. Then again the government’s handling of the Coronavirus pandemic has very sharply pointed out the politicians who work in the interest of all Americans and people of the world versus those who put personal interests and politics first.

I’ll start before the beginning of our current pandemic. Both President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama are documented supporters of US and world Pandemic prevention efforts. On the other hand, by “eliminating all things Obama” President Donald Trump fires the scientist and physicians formerly responsible for pandemic research and prevention.

When it comes to the management of the Coronavirus once we, America, learned of its existence President Trump initially downplayed the pandemics’ potential impact on US citizens. Upon realizing the danger that we were facing, the President chose not to use his executive power to get our manufacturers to produce the machines and supplies needed for us to successfully halt the progress of this killer virus.

It also seems to me that the President and the Republican majority in the US Senate have included wording in the Coronavirus Pandemic relief Bills that has allowed a very disproportionate amount of the funding to go to wealthy recipients.

So, based on the above observations, I believe that we need a very dramatic change in our political leadership away from the Republican Party!

Thanks for listening!


William Leroy Kennedy

Beyond his career as an engineer, diversity and training manager, and financial advisor, he asserts, “Getting to teach others about how to become more financially astute has been one of the most rewarding parts of my career.”

While doing all of the above, Mr. Kennedy managed to help raise his daughter and son, six years apart, to become outstanding students with a true sense of community. They graduated from UNC Chapel Hill/Harvard Law School and  Stanford/Harvard Business School, respectively.

Many hours were spent working with church, civil rights, and community organizations in an effort to help produce progress. Motivating youth to be all that they can be is a constant goal of Mr. Kennedy.

He is very high on using as an educational tool that can help all, regardless of age or learning disability, succeed in life. “Every adult and child should visit the site” is his motto.

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