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Spirit of the South: Art by Lisa Cain


One look at the art work of Lisa Cain, and you can feel the heartbeat of a region only a Southerner would understand.  Her mixed media paintings are Cain’s personal reflection of days gone by, yet they conjure up hope for the simplicity of family and community.

Depicting the flow of life for African Americans in the rural South, Cain’s work takes us from every day neighborhood gatherings to the many characters encountered through her youth.  We discover scenes of work and play and ultimately, we are taken to the worship and Biblical destiny conveyed by Outsider Art, truly visionary.  Indeed, we are invited to “fly away” to the gentle spirit of Cain’s artwork. –Victorine



I can feel the spirit of the South in the crowing of the rooster in the early morning. I can feel the spirit of the South in the sound of the crickets in the silence of the night and in the sound of the wind blowing trough the trees. I can feel the spirit of the South in the spirituals that radiate through the country churches on a Sunday. The spirit of the South is present in the smell of the country dirt after the rain has sprinkled the earth or in the smell of honeysuckle growing on  a wooden fence.  There is beauty in the South, a beauty that cannot be matched by any architectural design created by man. There is a refuge in the silence of a country night and in the sound of a flowing stream. In the depth of the country in the beauty of the greenness of the earth there you will find  peace. You  will gain an appreciation of the elements of the earth. There you can experience the  fullness of the God as Creator. I am a product of the South. A product of  my family, town and church. My personality was shaped by values of the people who lived simple but rich lives. It is through my paintings that I depict the beauty of the rural South.  It is through my paintings that I tell the story of a people that are strong in values, culture and spirituality. It is through my paintings that I tell the story of a time that was simple but beautiful. – Lisa Cain


Neighbors 12 x 24 inches acrylic on canvas

Neighborhood Picnic 12 x 24 inches


Pecan Pickers



This was one of my favorite Wash Day Paintings.

Winter 11 x 14 acrylic on canvas


I was born in Canton, Mississippi not to far from Jackson Mississippi. Canton is a historical town framed by original buildings from the early 1900’s. As a child,  I was influenced greatly by  my community, church, parents and my grandmother who recently passed at the age of 98.  I place my memories of   my childhood in Canton on canvas.  Through my art, I reveal the beauty of the South  as I remember as a child and now as an adult.  I paint about  individuals that you will never see on TV or read about in a magazine.  However, they were hardworking, proud, dedicated to God and dedicated to each other.   Painting brings me peace and joy.   It allows me to remain grounded and connected to  my past. It allows me to tell the story and  honor those that I grew up with in my community.”


The Pool Hall 16 x 20 inches acrylic on canvas

Ruby Got Her Man, 16 x 20 inches

“My art is  derived from my  memories, my experience  and  my perception of  my hometown community as a child. My art is from my spirit.  I can only paint what I feel. I am a memory painter.  I am completely self-taught. I have never taken an art class other than what was offered in elementary school. However, as  with most  folk, self taught  and outsider artists, in the midst of the simplicity of  style and technique there is  deep  meaning and feeling.   I hope that my art will remind people of times that were simple but beautiful.  Through my art, I tell stories and paint a picture of the rural South. To me the most important component of my art are the stories that I tell. I enjoy touching the heart and the spirit of others with my art. “

Lisa Cain, Ph.D.


Praise God 18 x 24 inches acrylic on canvas Visit or ETSY

Like a Thief in the Night. Special Painting for Today. 12 x 24 inches

Author of Art of the Spirit, Cain’s work can be viewed in its entirety and purchased on her website


Dr. Lisa Cain, Ph.D. is a Neuro-Scientist. She was born in Canton. Mississippi. She attended Jackson State University. Internationally, she is known for her contributions to education and has served as an educational consultant on the national and international levels, leading initiatives in France (Paris), Canada and Africa. She is a Marshall Goldsmith’s Certified Executive Leadership Coach and has served as a mentor to students, faculty and administrators. As an artist, Dr. Cain incorporates her love for art into the educational arena.

Author of Art of the Spirit, Cain’s work can be viewed in its entirety and purchased on  her website,   as well as on Etsy  and Yessy 

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