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Second Act: Millicent Garland Photography

Millicent Garland

I met Millicent Garland over 30 years ago, in the Shoals, and I have always been in awe of her.   At that time she was the active  President of the Black Engineers group from Tennessee Valley Authority.  Beyond working at TVA, she raised three of her nephews before having her son, Adam.  Married to Carlton, also an engineer for TVA, she moved and settled in her new Chattanooga  home. Her move demanded she assimilate to a new position at TVA, as an Environmentalist at their nuclear plant.  She did it. In her spare time, she made beautiful clothes, did stellar knitting, and, of course, invited an exchange student from Thailand, Pao, who became a part of her family. That’s Millicent.

After 30+ years, Millicent recently retired from Tennessee Valley Authority, and has tapped even further into her creative juices.  Millicent is now an active photographer finding  willing subjects for photo shoots, from artists, (Neyo) to families that need an eye that celebrates life.  Garden Spices is happy to celebrate Millicent Garland. Welcome. – Victorine


Millicent’s muse, son, Adam

About Millicent

What started as simple photographs of my own son as a high school senior, has grown into a passion for capturing the vibrant energy of families across the Valley.  From loving families and special events, to couples just starting out, I’m passionate about them all.






Pao and Adam

Pao and Adam

Husband, Carlton and Adam


Millicent, Adam, and Husband, Carlton

Contact Millicent Garland at Millicent Garland Photography

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