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Post from Omileye: Diversity Through the Feminine

This is another older painting depicting diversity through the feminine – where Osun is depicted as one her Tibetan forms, Green Tara “one who delivers swiftly”. Green Tara is the fiercer side of Osun and more Oya like. White Tara and Osun share many of the same qualities, such as fertility, healing, compassion and long life. However, before we jump to Oya, let us know that Osun hides a hidden sword under her sacred robes.

So, let me explain with a quick lineage history the connection of these Great feminines: Osun and Tara: 1. Green Tara and all forms of Tara are connected to the Indian Goddess Durga, who is connected to Parvati. Parvati is Durga’s gentle side. Parvati’s older name is Sati. 2. Sati is also a Nubian Egyptian Goddess from Nubia land (Upper Egypt). The Nubian Egyptian Sati is known as “she whom water pours forth from”. She is also seen as another name for a Hathor (Het-Heru) and Isis (Auset) combination.  Okay so where does Osun fit into this? Osun shows many markers of being the same Goddess as Sati and Hathor, as these Goddesses are the Goddesses of Water and Joy.

2b. The Nigerian Ifa system from which Osun is part of goes back to the Upper Part of Egypt. There are many ways this is known, one is they share similar divination systems, they also have a God for each nome (and this is still the case in Nigeria today), they also share the same pantheon of God’s and Goddesses, also both also have the lost wax technique which originated in Sudan sacred capital of Meroe and very few cultures have this ancient art form of smelting iron.

Hathor was combined with Mut (great Mother), and she became the primordial Mother Goddess. Whom we see in many key cultures. Mut’s symbol is the vulture and unbeknownst to many Osun’s oldest symbol is also the vulture. These are just a few of the facts.

In terms of Durga and Kali, their exact equivalents with the same stories are found in the form of the Nubian form of Sekhmet lioness warrior Goddess of Upper Egypt (remember Durga is also connected with lions and Baset, black cat warrior goddess. Both these two Goddesses joined forces together, like Durga and Kali. The connection is deepened when we know that both Durga and Kali are considered “pre-Arytan Goddesses” which means they are classed as Dravidian Goddesses.

3. In terms of Durga and Kali’s pre-aryan origins, Spencer Wells of National Geographic National DNA project showed the Dravidian and Tamil DNA markers had a very high frequency connecting them to the East Coast Valley Rift of Africa (which includes Upper Egypt, Somalia, Kenya etc.)

4. Many of the pre-aryan goddesses such as Tara, Durga, Kali, Parvati – hold the Blue Lotus flower which originates from ancient Egypt and was the symbol for Upper Egypt of Nubia land. In fact, Upper Egypt has a Blue Lotus Flower God called Nefertem.

Where information for these divine feminine connections can be found in Beautiful Waters, which took me five years to research, piece the puzzle together and write. The pieces I mention are scattered over the infinite dust of history and the Goddess’s broken mirror:

  1. The Durga/Parvati – African lineage connection can be found in my book “Beautiful Waters” pg. 320 2. On the discovery of the two Satis – the Indian and African one – in Beautiful Waters pg. 564 3. The Osun Tara connection – in Beautiful Waters, pg. 362 – 369. 4. Information on Blue Lotus of Egypt and Nerfertem is in Beautiful Waters, Pg. 598


-YeYe Omileye Achikeobi-Lewis

Yeye Omileye Achikeobi-Lewis M.Ed, NCC, LPCA is often referred to as an old spirit in a modern world who travels to local and international communities sharing universal and indigenous ceremonies and wisdom teachings which nurture compassion, oneness, balance and a sustainable planet. She is an international award-winning author of several books, former national UK journalist, fifth generation Wisdom keeper, storyteller, and sacred artist of Afro Caribbean roots.

A mother of two she is also a licensed contemplative clinical mental health psychotherapist, a licensed school counselor, a trained SEED Facilitator, and an inclusion and diversity consultant. She, along with her husband, have co-founded several organizations and projects: YeyeOsun, the Institute of Four Elemental Mother’s Compassion and Wisdom in Action; renown international Humanity for Water Awards; and UNICEF Interfaith WASH Alliance (founded with other world and cultural leaders). Her work and strength of visions has been recently blessed and recognized by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Kuten La, the Tibetan State Oracle and United Nations. Omileye has also received several ancient distinguished African spiritual titles and roles including Yeye Osun and Crown of Osun, is the award winner of the prestigious Prince’s Trust Award, and has a passion for working with children, diversity, and the environment. She has just founded her own private integrative and contemplative diversity counseling practice and consultancy.

Artwork by Omileye

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