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P.J. Stewart: An Artist at Work

“Third Friday Open Studio is tonight 2-21-2020 at the Bridgeport Art Center. We are having a Residence Show in the 3rd Floor Gallery. I have several pieces on display. These pieces are on display inside my Studio 3140, Wet Paintbrush. When you come you’ll get to learn what else I’m up to.” – P.J. Stewart


“I am working on a new Spirit series. They will be displayed at Cultural Connections at the Dixon School on March 13, 2020, and March 14, 2020. These are nicely affordable, unique pieces of art.” P.J. Stewart


P.J.  Stewart has earned recognition for her dry pastels, acrylics paintings, leather jewelry, and leather assemblages, electronic photo reconstruction, and graphic designs.

P. J. Stewart has received numerous awards for her work from various institutions. Her paintings, sculptures, and jewelry have been exhibited at the Neleh Art Gallery, Susan Woodson Gallery, Africa International House, South Side Community Arts Center, Art Institute of Chicago, Southern Illinois University, Chicago Cultural Center, African American Cultural Center (University of Illinois, Chicago), DuSable Museum, Chicago State University, South Shore Cultural Center, ISF, Sapphire and Crystals, Senior Artists Network, Gallery Guichard, on line, and several studio shows.

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