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On Being a Dad in Turbulent Times

Written by Emilio Bucks Hardy, Father’s Day 2020

“When you fill your life with what truly makes you happy, you will find there is a lot less room for outside noise-and it’s noisy as hell right now.” Emilio Hardy, 2020

Father’s Day – June 2020: What a time to be alive!!! A pandemic, another Black Man murdered by crooked police, protests turned into riots…… Kobe is dead?? WTH?? 

Despite all of that, I still smile and have extended moments of complete joy every day. Among many, there are two MAIN reasons for my daily happiness. Their names are Myles Emilio and Kennedy Noelle. My mind and my heart, my left and my right, my strength, and my resurrection.  

Parenting is the most difficult and challenging task I have undertaken in my life to date. The amount of patience, unconditional love, and money I have had to dole out has exceeded my expectations. Through it all, I wouldn’t change a damn thing. They are the fuel that keeps my engine running day in and day out. Because of them, no matter how dark the day seems, I still experience an abundance of light regularly. Simply put, they are my reason.  

In the past nine years I have experienced a total reevaluation, and when necessary, reeducation of every lesson, moral, and experience of my life. Being a father has pushed me to become a better man in every sense of the word. I know they are watching my every move, and that is something I take very seriously. For me, having a purpose greater than myself is something I never again want to live without. While I’m still not perfect, as long as I have my children’s love and respect, I know I’m on the right path. 

My son, Myles Emilio, and my daughter, Kennedy Noelle, have given me a chance to (re)live the world through their eyes. The unblemished hope, dreams, and wonderment they experience- just from waking up in the morning, has faded quite a bit for me. Still, they always manage to pull me along on their journey. By seeing life through their eyes, I look forward to every day and look for the good in the world and people. With them, happiness is always at arm’s reach, in the form of a surprisingly witty comment made by Kennedy (3yrs) or watching Myles (9yrs) dance to a new beat he just made (Yeah, he’s going to be a beast. Stay tuned).  

Emilio Bucks Hardy 

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