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Movement: Gafar Oluwabori Quahar


Me in Quahar colors!!!

It wasn’t his synchronous painting, (featured below),  that drove me to browse his work. However, surprised when I viewed it, I had to comment and post my picture:

Gafar Oluwabori Quahar has work that exudes power, speaking to the present and future, and “movement” is the magic word. Dynamic images with infused geometric colors have found Quahar’s work in international spaces.  And now, he joins the Garden Spices family.  He tags much of his work with messages of hope, insight.  Welcome, Gafar Oluwabori Quahar.  Gate open! – Victorine


Title: The Journey (Ìrìn Àjò) Medium: Acrylic on canvas Size:5ft By 5ft Year: 2022 Artist: Gafar Oluwabori

There’s time for everything Making the best out of the bests Find a reliable job even though the country is not advisable

Rome wasn’t built in a day You will cash app soon Best days are coming Where we’re going is not far from where are coming from




My arts are made up of band like abstracted forms that can be regarded to portray a dissection or express how multifaceted the physical, genetic and chemical makeup of human beings is. Taking the shape of ligaments which are bands of elastic tissue that forms around your joints and serve to hold, support, and limit movement in the body the bands feature as the most well represented forms in the paintings with some of them being inscribed with singular shapes or dramatic patterns.

The bands are also reminiscent of muscles which are defined as a band or bundle of fibrous tissue present in the human body that assists with movement and maintain the positioned parts of the body.



Title: Genesis Medium: Acrylic on canvas Size: 38 By 50 inches Date: 2020 Available DM +2347056870139


 Tittle: Percussion Medium: Acrylic On Canvas Size: 4ft By 4ft Year: 2021



Title: This Can’t Be The End Medium: Acrylic on canvas Size: 4ft By 4ft Year: 2021

I was inspired with a candle

that has no light but struggling to live and wax till the end because the future is at hand but no one can’t see it. Don’t say go Bye when your time is Nearby.

Every human being has his/her own time to enter into the Kingdom Land but we all waiting at the gate while trying to listen attentively for the Master.

Your downfall is not forever This is not the end of your journey in life You just have to pay attention to your Masters instructions.

A black man can never be a white man Be proud of your right safeties You’re no no gather a prisoner Nobody cares to know what you’re facing

Worry no more Your time has come……..


Tittle:The Commitment Medium: Acrylic on canvas Size: 2ft By 3ft Year: 2022

Love is not enough To find a relationship is difficult People don’t want to hear the truth Stay away from them Keep the rose in a cold place

Are we committed to each other Because I love you that doesn’t mean I’ll lost Patient safe soul Be there for me and I’ll keep you in my heart forever Expect good news from me.



Title: Happy Maker’,  Medium: Acrylic on canvas Size: 4ft By 4ft Year: 2021


Born and working in Nigeria, the acrylic on canvas portraits of Gafar Oluwabori are nothing near insipid. In his inquisition of attempting to sought various approaches of altering human forms into abstract arrangements.  Oluwabori creates both colourful and vibrant renditions of women’s faces, with equally pulsating backgrounds.

Playing very close to the peripheries of flatness and adding dimensionality through his depictions of facial features, the portraits of Oluwabori take the form of, or one could even say mimic the colour by numbers structure of kids and adult colouring and painting manuals and books.



Facebook: Gafar Oluwabori Quahar

Country: Nigeria


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