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In the moment I left my mother’s pink, velvet cocoon and its folds, I believe I arrived in this world fists clenched because I held onto what is rightfully mine without question… My dignity. In the new world we inhabit, a welcoming team awaits us to show us a minuscule piece of our worth. In these moments, a hurricaneous onslaught of unconditional tear punctuated love smothers us… Even if just for a split second. Each one of us in the world deserves this moment. The world does not always afford us this moment, so let our amniotic fluid drenched hands be the soothing ointment we need when we are not enough to the mothers who cannot afford our love. May we travel the full expanse of this life knowing that every cell cradled by our being is more precious than any mineral to ever exist in this universe. May we walk this earth knowing that we are here and deserving of love in the way that the source of all breath, life and existence intended. Love is multi-infinity-dimensional and can never be fathomed. What we can fathom is who we are and what our desire for what we want to see the world become is. So walk tall and listen quietly to your heartbeat and how it resonates with those of others… Even when they try to trample you underfoot. You shall rise. You are born of a miracle. You are a miracle. Own your heritage.

Image:  By Meutia Chaerani – Indradi Soemardjan (Own work Indrani) [GFDL

Frank Malaba © 2017


-Frank Malaba

Frank Malaba is an enigma to Zimbabwe, the country of his birth. Such a distinction is not defined by his talent as a poet, artist, writer, but by his advocacy, as a gay African male. He STANDS, though persecuted, he STANDS, to love, and he speaks his truth.  Malaba loves his country, but fights for his “very being.” He invites all gay Africans to stand with him, to fight for the right be treated as vital participants in African culture that deserve to be respected. His blog, Frank Malaba’s Prosetry, invites all kindred spirits to speak, love, and heal.

Image:  By Meutia Chaerani – Indradi Soemardjan (Own work Indrani) [GFDL (, CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or CC BY 2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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