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Celebrating Art: Luis Peralta Del Valle

Updated: May 3, 2023

Luis Peralta Del Valle

“We can protest without going to a march or destroying things,” he says. “We can fight with our talent, I think a lot of times, we can reach a broader audience and engage people in a wider dialogue by creating a work of art.” Interview with Luis Peralta Del Valle, Hol Cultura


A young Princess and a young Prince. I want the children at Smothers Elementary to see themselves in the painting. I found the perfect models in my friend La'Tasha’s son and my childhood friends Priscilla and Littlejohn’s daughter. I hope the mural serves as a source of inspiration to the children.

Another awesome project with Sandy Bellamy and the DGS Family. Big Thank You to Giovanni Christian at Mag solutions llc for the mural install.


Judge Ketanji B. Jackson


Portraits in slideshow: "Frida Kahlo, " “Mother of Darkness,” and "April Blossom"


“Out of Chaos”This painting is in the collection of Duane and Sharon Guatier. Long time friends and art collectors. They were the first to invest in my street signs painting series. Thinking of you Sharon, your legacy will leave on. Artists and art collectors are for ever bonded through the love of art.



Sometimes I feel like damaged goods but I’m glad that God is in the recycling business. Very excited to be the first artist to grace the walls of the new Honfluer Gallery, Baltimore. I really appreciate Duane Gautier and the Honfluer Gallery Family.

Artist Bio

Award winning artist, Luis Peralta Del Valle was born in Nicaragua in 1980 and migrated to the U.S. in 1985. At the age of 13 he started painting graffiti murals in the District, Maryland and Virginia. A few years later at Bell Multicultural High School he began his formal artistic education, continuing his studies at the Corcoran College of Art and Design.

In 2013 Luis was selected as the winner of the East of the River Distinguished Artist Award. That year he was also a finalist for the District of Columbia 28th Annual Mayor’s Arts Awards. These accomplishments preceded the presentation of the National Museum of Catholic Art and Library National Artist Award by Prince Lorenzo Maria De Medici in 2014, and his selection as the artist commissioned for the 2015 Beijing / District of Columbia Sister Cities Project. The latter project resulted in a panda statue painted by Del Valle that was given to the Mayor of Beijing as a state gift from Mayor Muriel Bowser. Del Valle is also the recipient of the 2015 National Museum of Catholic Art and Library Portrait Award. In 2017 Luis was honored with the NCIS Director’s Coin by NCIS director, Andrew L. Traver.

Luis received his first commission from the fitness franchise Body by Jake after his 16th birthday. Since then he has been commissioned by other businesses, foundations, public institutions, museums and private collectors to create murals, portraits, sculptures, and paintings of various themes. Luis has exhibited his works at various museums and institutions including; NCIS headquarters, V.A., The Embassy of Italy, The Frederick Douglass National Historic Site, The Historical Society of Washington DC, The Vatican Embassy, and the Frederick Douglass­Isaac Myers Museum in Baltimore, MD.

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