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A teenage girl with long curly hair trying to trim it, resulting unevenly – ends up having to shave her head. The silver lining – she looks great! That’s what inspired me to trim mine – short, okay… very short! I tend to hide behind my hair and I know I do it. But seeing this teenager sport it inspired me! Now, this new hairdo brings out my features and personality even more! Plus it has saved me a whole lot to time trying to tame it.

However, turning pain into purpose can’t be always easy, especially now. We are amidst a pandemic that has thrown everyone off in one way or another. Not being able to see your friends, family, classmates, coworkers, doctor, therapist, masseur, stylist, beautician, dine at your favourite Chinese restaurant… is a HUGE side effect. Humans are social beings at the end of the day. We rely on each other to survive and strive – directly or indirectly! Our lives are connected. I’m not a fan of the word #SocialDistancing. I prefer to use the terms #PhysicalDistancing and #SociallyConnected instead.

So we asked around to see what people are learning during the stay at home orders to minimize the impact of Corona virus. Here’s what they have to share:

“Patience. Patience. Patience. Good things come to those who wait.” – Nicholas Radulescu

“I LOVE having the time in the morning to chat it up with my mom.”  and “I STILL love to choreograph my own routines and dance in the mirror.” – Camille Goldston Bennett

“Home is wherever I am, it’s not a place but a state.” – Bikundo Onyari

“Truth 2020 is more elusive than Nessie.” – Marquetta Newell

“Improvement in the quality of air I breathe.” – Rasila Mamtora

“All places are sacred, the few faces in front of us are Divine Gifts to be celebrated, cherished, nurtured and embraced with greatest thanksgiving, wonder & tenderness!” – Laurel Heverly Heiss

Pratik Mamtora

“The road less traveled is also less contaminated.” – Pratik Mamtora

“Breathe. Bake. Breathe.” and “Wash, rinse, repeat.” – Anna Lott

“The pandemic inspires me, once again, to resign as General Manager of the universe. Or, maybe this time, I’ll just retire.” – Wanda Gail Campbell

“Grace. With myself. Learning to be ok with not being fully ok right now but actively working on why and healing slowly but surely through grace.” – Aria Lott

“When in Rome, ignore the Romans and follow Dr. Fauci” – David Haws

“Not being able to be physically close to others has opened a new portal for compassion, creativity, care and clarity of being able to share what the gift of being human truly is. It’s to merely be a soul that loves, cherishes and celebrates what’s real and eternal in all of us… the magic spark that each soul exudes.” – Frank Malaba

“Learn caution & correctiveness for effectiveness.” – Nanda Mamtora

“The government banned all gatherings of more than 10 people. We are a family of 11.” – Dipa Patel

“Creativity and reconnecting with old friends. Took part in a suprise Zoom birthday party yesterday for one of my best friends from High School, and this Saturday we’re getting together again to have a proper ‘International Zoom Party’ with music, and drinks with our core group of friends from back in the day, who are now all across Europe and Canada.” – Brian St. Hubert

“Sometimes just doing one good thing is enough to balance out the whole day.” – Olivia Harris

“Wherever you go, there YOU are.” – Altagracia “Belle” Espinal

“My sleep schedule was traveling all over the place while I was stationary during the quarantine.” – Yug Patel

“Maintain distance to not have forever distance!” – Ami Thakkar

“Is it written in the Tao Teh Ching that Silver linings are made in Heaven, and Humans with Heart and Virtue can rejoice in their manifestations?” – Robert V Gerard

“Trust the process and switch the attention from the rampant trepidation to natures’ rehabilitation.” – Pepe Villegas

What #LockdownLessons have you learnt? Share in the comments below.

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