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Is Love All You Need?

Strength: big powerful word! Strong word. It brings to mind heavy machinery, a river dam, a bridge over water, or gravity. What does it make you think of?

It makes me also think of something we all need from time to time. Especially during the holiday season (for me, at least) I get very busy this time of year. The casual dining industry is at one of its peaks. Holiday parties; everyone and every group I know has something planned, places to go, and family time. It takes some strength to get through it all (some wine helps too, strength to be patient with those in-laws and relatives I don’t see eye to eye on, physical strength to work long hours, and strength to still continue to care.

Strength! Don’t we all need a bottomless well of it to draw upon? I do. Where do you find your strengths? Family? Friends? Pets? Love and love of life in general?

There are times I wonder where some find it. Where do the less fortunate find it? Where do the homeless find it, when they just can’t get one up on the system? Where do parents who lose their children for any reason find it? I suppose many find it in many different ways. From survival of the fittest to calling on a God(ess), people will find it. Do you ever wonder why? Why continue on sometimes? The odds may be highly stacked against us, but we find the strength to carry on through it all. It’s quiet amazing to see it happen. It’s inspiring. Maybe, unknown at the time, we do it to be an example, an inspiration to others who will be going through it one day; to show, no matter what, there is no reason to give up, to find their own strength.

Maybe… a strength can come when we see injustice. Maybe… it comes from wanting to help others see that injustice, and that things are out of balance in this world we inhabit. Maybe to help bring into awareness of situations where someone or some group of people is benefiting from the misfortune of others.

Lately I’m finding I just can’t accept these imbalances. I’m searching for a Strength to help me make sense of it all. It seems the weak, the poor, the ones that struggle daily from what ails them, need some strength (especially myself). Is strength itself out of balance? Or do we deserve more credit than I’m giving us? Does it take more strength to struggle, or to be entitled to easy living and easy money?

Time for some questions:

Maybe, in the last paragraph, I’ve been writing from a pain of current events and falling into the traps of trying to save the world. What if strength lies in knowing life is just a big game, or illusion? Am I (and we all) being duped into believing that there are injustices and horrible things in the world? Are the news reports and gossip just talk to divide and conquer us? I need strength to discern it, but am I the fool? Do I need a strength to know none of it is real, strength for sure to believe in something deep and more meaningful than everyday slavery and TV-watching, strength for some sort of belief in a higher power that my mind cannot conceive, or strength to know that I AM that power.

Strength to find peace in knowing there are NO absolute truths in this world. Even when the shouting voices are screaming facts! Facts! Strength to pick some sort of life plan, some path that makes sense in ALL my being.

I need some strength on those days of questioning. I need some strength on those days of hypersensitive empathy. I need strength when there is no absolute truth. I need strength for those doubts in my mind.

I’ve asked many questions. I do that a lot. Seeking knowledge and answers. I get strength in that. I find strength in music, books, and close friends. In unity. In forgiveness. In Love.

The heart of fear is full of weaknesses. Only love will overcome that. Love is strength.

Why, oh why is it so difficult to find and hold on to?

– Jozzy Allman      

Jozzy is an advocate for health and wellness, of body, mind, and emotions. He shares “what works for (him).”  Jozzy also spins fire and cooks creative cuisine.

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