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Imagination As Metaphor: a spiritual message streaming through the raindrops

Sitting comfortably in my family room, midday, glancing away from reading a book to take a sip from a warm cup of tea, casually looking out my eleventh-floor window, without thought, breathe, inhale, breathe, exhale, a gigantic dark cloud lingering in the distant western sky grabbed my attention appearing motionless while engaging me.

I began to succumb to an ominous feeling while witnessing it broaden its span across the south and northwest, vibrating head-on across the sky from west to east, resembling a gargantuan black spaceship moving along with fluid speed toward my contemplative focus.

The treetops began to sway as it approached, I was held captive, it stopped, hovering overhead, begins streaming a downpour of raindrops, imposing on my view, covering the windowpane with rapid torrents, then as if I turned a page, the torrential stream morphed into a grayish fog, enclosing me behind a wall, like magic, abracadabra, reality disappeared.

Raining so hard skyscrapers vanish. An allusion. Like life itself. What appears may not be. What we believe it to be. Just because we cannot see it. Does not mean it is not (t)here. Distractions.


-Gloria Lawson Sylvester

“I am my ancestors and a Sacred African Woman Elder appreciating my value and service to the global community. The expression of my worth comes through the arts of poetry, visual art, music, and professional speaking.”

Profile: An author, poet, professional speaker, workshop presenter, and appointed Poet Laureate of the Martin Luther King, Jr. International Chapel in 2000, Gloria published her first book of poetry, Prelude A Demonstration of Life (2000) and College Planning and Funding Handbook (1994), acted as Poet-in-Residence in private and public schools (including special education students) teaching character development principles through her personal project, Self-Empowerment Through Poetry. Gloria will be publishing two books of poetry in 2018, including one for children.

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