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Harmony & Vibes

Waves crashing, seagulls squawking, and a light wind blows as you stroll along the shores of Seven Mile Beach…

Sounds of a nearby humming bird and bees buzzing fill your ears as you open your windows to let a little fresh air in…

Your favorite song plays, which most certainly calls for singing at the top of your lungs…

That seductive dance between couples, with hips swaying to the beat that only they can hear…

The syncing of minds, bodies and souls with that one, special person…

Sounds amazing! I can pretty much picture each of these. Can you? No? Let me go a little simpler or get a little closer to home to help you relate a bit more. Close your eyes for a few seconds and think back to having what was probably a horrible day where anything and everything went wrong.

I’m talking about from the moment your feet hit the floor, you pretty much knew the day would work against you until you went to bed. For some, this memory may cause irritation but for others, it’s probably hilarious. Yet in either instance your harmony…your vibe was lost. But alas, you found a couple of seconds in that same day where you saw sparks of your world realigning. You know, where your harmony and vibe quietly appeared, just when you were about to unleash seven levels of crazy into the world.

For example, think back to the 38 seconds you hid in the bathroom to eat your child’s Halloween candy, or that ONE time you had a family dinner that didn’t add to the already existing dysfunctionality. This may be closer to what most of us get to experience than walking on the beach in peace. Hmmm, or the brief flicker of your teenager ACTUALLY listening and applying the wisdom you’ve shared to solve a problem. These are the gracious sparks of time in your day that happen EXACTLY when you need them.

These are the stolen moments when your soul is at rest and you have peace even if just for a few seconds, that sense of harmony if you will. Moments like these are often the calm you need to help you through your day or to keep you from catching a charge, LMBO. They are the flashes in time when all your cares, and stresses fall away. Sometimes that calls for a little solitude, other times it may call for simple prayer, “Jesus, I’ve lost my way and I need You.” He will surely replenish you with more harmony than you can imagine and vibes that will make you practically levitate.

Treasure these moments be it seconds, minutes or hours…these vibes, your harmony. Enjoy the beauty of the crashing waves every chance you get. Let the bees do their thing, and when that ONE song plays? Sing at the top of your lungs, watch the hip sway of your main squeeze. Oh, and nurture the amazing connection that links your mind, body and soul to that one special person.  That’s part of your peace…your harmony….and your vibes.


-Collette Jones

is a retired veteran, mother, young pretty grandma, (“Ask my husband!”), wife, and friend who manages the voices in her head by staying busy, upbeat, and “prayed up.” Follow her writing on ‘Voices from the Bleachers’ on Facebook.

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