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Grumpy Old Women

I caught one glimpse of Kathy Frederick's Grumpy Old Women and had to show you what "I don't want none!" looks like. Frederick is a high-ranking Veteran who is politically active, extremely stylish, and funny. I loved these ladies so much I had to become one. See if you can recognize Kathy and me. LOL Gate open! - Victorine

"My Inspiration - Comic relief from the current state of affairs. Sometimes I have to remind myself to laugh at my shortcomings, outgoings and the rabbit hole I've entered. It's can be very therapeutic." -Kathy Frederick



Kathy Frederick US Navy, Federal Armed Response Officer,

"May we evolve to a higher state of consciousness. May we put public display of persecution to rest with the soldiers. May we celebrate our different cultures and embrace love for one another. May we reside in love and peace for all in the coming seasons of our lives. In your grace Lord, a veteran standing by for healing and love in the Homeland. Peace be with you," Kathy Frederick US Navy, Federal Armed Response Officer, Artist, and Activist

Two "Old Women "at Juneteenth. Victorine and Kathy Fredreick

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