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Genetic Disposition: Basleys Creating Art

Throughout the journey of Garden Spices, Bernard Basley, has shared his photo images of Thailand and beyond. Today, we find him in the unique artistic expression of photographic giclee with AI assist. We also welcome his daughter, Garnet to our pages.

Now, age 10, Garnet Basley has appeared as her father's muse in his work, and she has been sketching since the age of three. Gate open - Victorine

"Urban Thinking," Photographic Giclee using AI Assist, 25"x25", $1,400


"Contemplation," "Urban Thinking," Photographic Giclee using AI Assist, 25"x25", $1,500




Girls just wanna have fun.


Bernie and daughter, Garnet

Bernie loves to take pictures. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in TV Production from Columbia College Chicago, but now lives in Bangkok, Thailand. Bernie has worked extensively in TV production including ABC Television Network where he served as the Associate Director and Stage Manager from 1979-2001. Prior to that he served as the Assistant Director for WGN-TV from 1974-78. Bernie has owned an art gallery. He is married to Sarin; and has two children, Imanuel and Garnet, and one granddaughter, Gabrielle.

Contact information: Bernie Basley Photography

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