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Imagining the improbable, OOthat’s fantasizing.

I imagine the improbable OOfrequently.

Whatever it is, OOfor good or ill, OOI come to know it intimately.

I suspect, then accept OOit may be probable. I come to recognize, OOrealize the probable OOrestng within the improbable.

I nurture that probability OOwith my time, OOwith my attention, OOwith my energy.

I live with it. I rise with it. I eat with it.

I find a way, OOthe universe finds a way OOto give it to me, OOto make it real.

For good or ill OOit becomes mine.

If my improbability is for good OOmy energy and experience OOis wonderful.

I emit wonderful. Good seeks me. I know boundlessness.

If my improbability is for ill OOmy energy and experience OOdoes not serve me.

I don’t recognize OOthe good at hand.

I am crowded by fear.

Either way OOthe nurtured improbable OOcomes to pass.

Either way OOthe nurtured and imagined improbable is achieved OOand is mine, OOof my making.

For good or ill, OOI’m living in Fantasy Land.


Tekla A. Syers resides in Chicago as a student and teacher of metaphysics; smitten grandmother; dabbler in culinary arts; semi-retired fund development and nonprofit management consultant; and a craftswoman. She enjoys music and art in myriad forms and makes time to observe and reflect on why folks and things are as they are.

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