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New Faces and Old Graces! Welcome Guest Contributors!

Updated: May 3, 2023

New Guest Contributor, Greyhouse Gallery Owner, and Artist, Maria Dix

Garden Spices welcomes Maria Dix. We get the chance to meet this phenom proprietor/counselor/scientist/artist, who opens her spirit to hope for the universe. We also get to visit the new space for Greyhouse Gallery in The Sensibility of Maria Diz.


Kevin Moore

We welcome newcomer, Guest Contributor, Kevin Moore, Trainer, Coach. In Fitness: What's All the Fuss? Moore makes his debut as a new Guest Contributor, challenging us to see fitness as the inroad to strengthening mind, body, and spirit. He challenges us to move as our lives depend on it.


Stephen Abban Junior

Stephen Abban Junior takes to Ghana in his art video, as he weaves a story about bananas. We welcome his reappearance in Interpretation: The Art of Stephen Abban Junior.

Jake Berry

Poet/musician, Jake Berry, renders timeless jubilation in his poem Come Easter, and we welcome his comeback as a Guest Contributor.

Luis Peralta Del Valle

Art activist, Luis Del Valle brings his Celebration of iconic figures and murals to our pages.

Kathy Frederick

Kathy Frederick makes a Guest appearance in this issue. As a Veteran, Human Justice Activist, and artist, Frederick understands fighting the good fight but knows it's important to sustain positive energy, and there's nothing like a good laugh to do it. So, we get to meet her Grumpy Old Women, and I'm one of them!

Rev. Carol Landry is always welcomed to our pages. Through her travels, she finds time to submit an insightful piece. This time she questions Dark Matter in relation to spirituality in Questions and More Questions .

For fine, event, casual, or intimate dining, Dai Lai, The Ultimate Katerer is at your service. Garden Spices loves to keep an eye on Dai Lai, as her culinary skills always delight.

Frank Malaba

Always insightful, Poet, Actor, Activist, Frank Malaba makes our souls stir, and we welcome him as a Guest Contributor. And So I Ran is a powerful admission.

Rosemary Summers

Her work graces so many galleries and homes. Garden Spices is always happy to have an entry from a favorite, Rosemary Summers. Bella Has a New Home takes us to the walls of a cherished collector and the mounting of one of Summers' favorites, Bella.

Melanie Whaley

And finally, Garden Spices welcomes back Essential Elements-Chicago, for unparalleled style. Melanie Whaley and her staff Wow us at every glance.


Vicki Goldston, Founder, GS

We are a part of the creative energy that fuels world consciousness through art, poetry, prose, essay, and photos, and we welcome you to submit your work to join our family. The word for our next issue is "Thought."

"As a man thinketh..." is a concept many of us subscribe to. Was James Allen correct? Are achievable dreams and nightmare consequences manifested through our thoughts? Digest the word, thought, and let us hear from you. For more information and requirements, contact me at:

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