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Dr. Russell Clayton on Expectations

Dr. Russell Clayton


There is a space inside you where your greatness lies, which answers to no name. It is a dynamic space of pure, energetic potential. This space is not a new happening; it's been there your whole life. It was you before you were born and will remain with you until infinity. You are infinite potential itself. Infinite potential means you are not limited by anything, including the current state of your body-mind.



From this day forward, let your biggest dream be accompanied by a sense of purpose and action that’s capable of moving mountains. Stop procrastinating and second-guessing yourself. Now is the time for design, revision, movement, and activation. There is no better time for your plan other than right now. Don't get caught standing still, languishing over your past failures while everything else is in perpetual motion. Step into your light, execute your dream plan of action, and push it through to manifestation.


Dr. Russell Clayton is a Los Angeles-based Physician. An OBGYN for Kaiser Permanente, he is also a poet and author of the book Finding The Greater You – The Path To Your Soul.   Dr. Clayton was educated at The University of Chicago and the University of Illinois and completed his residency in gynecology at Saint Johns Hospital in Queens, New York. Dr. Clayton is a father of four and is happily married. He is active in his medical practice, but his passion is writing and publishing his poetry based in Spirituality and Consciousness.

Dr. Clayton’s first book, “The Greater You, The Journey of Awakening” focused on the inner journey. “Love and Healing” focuses on healing emotional suffering. “Love And Healing Exercises” Dr. Clayton’s third book is a seventy-step action plan pocket guide for your spiritual restoration.

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