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There is something in me always longing to be released, unfettered, free.

It expresses as laughter or escapes under cover of laughter or as a condition for laughter. I don’t know the what or how of it, I only know it cracks me Up!

Shoving poise aside, and with no respect for decorum laughter erupts from me. It bursts forth.

At times, I feel my sides will split, my hands tingle, and I can’t catch my breath.

It’s such a rush and release, this cracking Up.

It’s so unrestrained. Rolling. Knee slapping. Jumping up and down. Laughter.

Often, it’s attracted to the company of loved ones, the antics of children and the childlike, a clever joke or pun, or an amusing story, well told.

It can also come unbidden in the face of absurdity, foolishness, or when events defy explanation.

Now and then, I may deem laughter inappropriate for the occasion. I try to stifle it. It’s irrepressible. It explodes. It breaks me Up.

Laughter will have its way. I don’t know why. I don’t know what laughter is. I don’t care. It always leaves me more relaxed. Smiling and softer. Gentler.

I thank God for laughter. It never brings me down. It cracks me Up!

Copyright© 2018  Tekla A. Syers All rights reserved.


-Tekla A. Syers

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