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Bottomline Photos: Lumpini Park

They call it the ‘Green Lung,’ and Lumpini Park is fresh air and a reprieve from the concrete jungle of Bangkok.  Come any time of day to find many of Bangkok’s 8,280,925 residents enjoying the park.  They may be engaged in Tai Chi or any of the many activities that attract  residents, young and old.  The stages are set for generous recreation in this park.

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Lumpini is where you will find Bangkok’s first public library and dance hall. For classical music lovers, The Palm Garden in the park plays host to the Concert in the Park, featuring  Bangkok’s Symphony Orchestra and other bands.  There are a number of public education facilities for programs like hair care, computers repair, horticulture, clothing design, to name only a few.

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“There are clubs and organizations of all types that meet and practice here. I’ve seen everything from Thai boxing to Tai Chi, and Salsa lessons to Chicago Stepping classes;  Scrabble clubs to a laid back afternoon fishing on the lake. Recently the park has been a gathering place for political protest.” – Bernie Basley

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For more info about Lumpini Park please visit:

– Bernie Basley

Bernie loves to take pictures.  He earned his Bachelor’s degree in TV Production from Columbia College Chicago, but now lives in LA.  Bernie has worked extensively in TV production including ABC Television Network where he served as the Associate Director and Stage Manager from 1979-2001. Prior to that he served as the Assistant Director for WGN-TV from 1974-78. Bernie has owned an art gallery.  He is married to Sarin; and has two children, Imanuel and Garnet.

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