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One of the big pieces I did in my Rona-art series -Connie Hernandez


Connie Hernandez was born in Dallas, Texas, and still resides there to this day. Raised by her grandparents, Hernandez always had a passion for drawing at an early age. She became a single parent at a young age and stopped creating art for a couple of years. A diagnosis of extreme anxiety, due to trauma, costs Hernandez several jobs and prevented her from leaving the house for over two years. She was led back into her passion in the form of what she calls, therartpy

Struggling to make ends meet, Hernandez decided to use her God-given talents to earn a living. She started by painting coffee mugs, which lead to clothes, and back to the canvas. Hernandez is self-taught and has managed to learn to use a variety of mediums, from pencil, acrylics, pens, markers, and now, oils.  

Through the encouragement of admirers and a demand for her work, Hernandez slowly began to venture out. Eventually, through therartpy and trusting God, my painting led to full recovery and a renewed passion for art. 



-Connie Hernandez

Quote by Connie Hernandez: “People inspire me, and I paint what moves me or brings up emotion at the time. I do commission work, but I am the most satisfied when I can create and put my feelings on canvas – ther-art-py. I aspire to leave a footprint, to say I have been here, and for others to have some emotion or feelings of nostalgia when looking at a creation of mine. I hope one day, my story or work can inspire others to invest in themselves and learn they will get back the greatest rewards .”

Connie Hernandez can be contacted at C-Mee Art.

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