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Art in Emotion: Udeagha Chindindu

Title:  Phobia


The emotion of this young artist from Lagos, Nigeria, cried out through the pages of Facebook.  I asked if I could exhibit his work, and young Udeagha Chindindu consented.   Welcome to Garden spices, Udeagha Chindindu.  Gate open. – Victorine



Udeagha Chidindu Favour is a professional hyper-realistic graphite and charcoal artist born in Lagos he grew up In the busy city of ajegunle where talented youths and teenagers are all around the street. Chidindu discovered his love for drawing at an early age back in primary school, where he draws cartoon figures with his classmates in class. He fell In love with realistic and hyperrealistic art the first day he saw them on social media during the covid Lockdown. This passion grew largely in him. Chidindu gradually taught himself to master drawing with pencils and paper, and with the help of some advice and tips from mentors, he grew massively.

His relationship with God is his number one driving force in what he creates. Chidindu’s works are also inspired by the circumstances and challenges facing teenagers and young people in society. Chidindu says: your dreams are valid. His artworks are part of his story and his personality.




Behind the art was one who was down emotionally.

Behind the pencils is the one who faced the tides on his own time without a number.

Behind those colours is the one whom lots of people tried to talk him away from his dreams.

But this, This is my dream.

I wasn’t really depressed, but I was lonely, so so lonely.

Even the ones who are and have become family did not really believe in the actualization of these dreams because it seems far-fetched.

Countless times I had to cry in the secret just to hide my shame.

It’s okay to cry!

I felt I’m alone on this journey.

Then! Just then, my Saviour surfaced.

God stepped in.

God creped into my thought to remind me that he is there.

I was almost drowning in the pool of negative words, fake motivations, and false happiness.

I encountered Jesus!

Just when I let him into my life, he gave me a welcome package.

A treasure I long lost hold of.

Piece of mind.

Journeying through the scriptures as a young believer filled with the hunger to know God more, he started showing me the plans he has for my life.

On a faithful day, he told me…..

 “What no one ever saw or heard, what no one ever thought could happen, is the very thing God prepared for those who love him.” 1 Corinthians 2:9, and so he told me, I Love You, Son


These words began to shape my mind, thoughts, and consciousness.

I decided to hold his words firmly because he never changes.

“Heaven and earth would pass away, but my words remain forever.”

I started discovering his purpose for my life, which in turn gave me confidence and assurance of greatness.

I am a new creature now


“An artist that almost gave up on his dream”


After the terrible experience I had on Tuesday, beaten with a cutlass by some touts and almost robbed of everythin,g I can now relate better to the message I am trying share with this artwork.   follow my art page DINDU ARTS #artisticfootballer #Godschild #artistforchrist


Udeagha Chidindu

“My name is Udeagha Chidindu. I am 18 years old and a visual artist who resides in Nigeria. What inspires my artworks are my challenges as a teenager.”

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