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Art by Tara Banfield

A Crown of Flowers.

I am blooming from the wound where I once bled.

I would rather wear a crown of flowers than diamonds around my neck.

Tara Banfield

I met some of the Tara Banfield Skull Girls on my visit to Houston.  They were on the walls of some fierce women, and were all vivid representations of the elusive power of Black women.  Welcome, to Garden Spices, Tara Banfield. – Victorine



Skull Girl Art

I have been raised by a number of strong black women that surrounded me with love and wisdom. They have inspired my work in every way. I paint the female figure with skulls, afros, big attitudes and an overall sense of fearlessness and strength. The images reflect my feelings and experiences as I navigate through this complex world. My art is my journal that expresses every moment that shapes my life and is the colorful essence of the black woman .- Tara Banfield


Tara Banfield


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