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Words by Russell Clayton: Peace and Three Cs for Shelter

BRING PEACE TO ANY SITUATION THAT ARISES Some people bear their suffering better than others. When you are suffering, don’t add any negative thoughts to an already bad situation. Bring a positive attitude, peace, and stillness to whatever situation that arises. Don’t get caught up wanting things to be different than they are. Surrender to the present moment, happy or sad, and know that everything is always perfectly unfolding for your soul’s evolution. This is the great play of life; the play of consciousness.

REMAIN COOL CALM AND COLLECTED Breathe consciously and know that in the end, everything will always work out in your favor. When you allow an angry response to invade your body, your power is diminished and your vibration is lowered. Don’t allow your circumstances to manipulate your emotions. You are not your situation. Always remain Cool, Calm and Collective before choosing your responses. If you can remember these 3 C’s, they will help protect your vibrational alignment!


Dr. Russell Clayton is a Los Angeles based Physician. An OBGYN for Kaiser Permanente, he is also a poet and author of the book, Finding The Greater You – The Path To Your Soul.   Dr. Clayton was educated at The University of Chicago, University of Illinois and completed his residency in gynecology at Saint Johns Hospital in Queens, New York. Dr Clayton is a father of four, and is happily married.  He is active in his medical practice, but his passion is writing and publishing his poetry based in Spirituality and Consciousness.

Dr. Russell Clayton has been taking our breath away for some time.  His words flow within the soul to embrace and heal us, to teach us to expand and grow, and most of all to remind us of who and what we are in truth – love.  Finally, we have his book, The Greater You The Journey of Awakening.

This treasure gives us the opportunity to detach from our physical self and to open our minds to see the many revelations we receive upon coming into awareness.  Thank you, for your many contributions and for giving us a tool to experience Words of Russell Clayton in depth.


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