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This Issue: Vitality!

Of course, what else?!  We are rolling into a New Year that welcomes nothing else but our presence, our Vitality.  We recognize the mighty conjunction of the planets Saturn and Pluto; while some folks don’t subscribe to what this cosmic event tells us, we can feel a sense of purpose, joy, forward movement, and Garden Spices says welcome to 2021!

Tekla A. Syer’s poem, Give Me Vitality, serves as the inspiration for our topic this issue.  Syers, our featured Contributor in A Woman for All Seasons, gives us a picture of what drives her many interests.  While Dr. Joyce Brown invokes us to be all we can be as a country in A Shining City on a Hill, in The Endless Vitality for Democracy, Dr. Robert V. Gerard gives us hope for endless possibilities.

We find ourselves doing that which feeds our vitality. Susan Peters affirms That Which Gives Me Life, Deborah M. Gray gives us 5 Steps to Revitalizing Our Resilience, and Janis Gipson Just Keeps Going, staying fit today and in the future. In Vital Accomplishments, William L. Kennedy gives insight on how expressing his vitality has fueled his life career, and we are spiritually inspired by the Words of Russell Clayton.

We get to experience the artwork of Trish Williams in A Life Worth Living: Artist, Trish Williams, and we get to experience the artistry of fabulous Bronzie DeMarco in It’s All Bronzie, Baby! We have cuisine from Mi Casa, Su Casa, with Janis Gipson, Caribbean Kitchen with Julies Gibs, and Sarin’s Thai, with Sarin Basley, and we take you back to the cosmos with The Art of Waxing Moon, by Richard MacKay.

I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t wait to release 2020 with love, of course. As for 2021, Garden Spices says…

Vicki Goldston Founder, Editor-in-Chief GARDEN SPICES MAGAZINE

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