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This Issue: Unity!

Updated: May 3

Image: Garnet's chant, Bernard Basley Photography


Loved Ones...

...and that's the truth; this love is extended to all living beings, regardless of political proclivity. It is the common denominator that determines our hope and our fate. Our quest is to pull back the layers of all the dis-ease that separates us to get to the core of our truth. We are united in love. Our featured image symbolizes a child's hope for this realization.

Garden Spices is predicated upon this very truth: no matter our differences, we can be celebrated and hopefully find the center of unity. In this issue, our Contributors weave their way through defining unity by employing their creative processes. There is much to explore in the the deep of how unity is practiced in life experiences, and our hope is that you will find your way to creating unity in your life.

We invite you to browse, land, and digest what you feel from experiencing our content. We extend our service to you united in love.

Gate open.

Vicki Goldston, aka Victorine, Founder, Editor-in-Chief

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