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Our Ears are Wide Open! We Need Your Voices

Updated: May 3

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Yes, of course it is, but it takes a lot of work. Spiritual work to overcome ego and lust for power. Community work to learn how to pray and consult together. Study to understand how to reconcile unity with diversity. And a lot more, but we are learning.

Yes, it is because All things are possible. We have to want it and be willing! It takes a loving heart.

Zac Abramson

I cannot be part of any unity that doesn’t guarantee my full equality and participation in society.

Unity...A strong word put in today's national Politics and social society. I feel we must work collaboratively for the common good. Unfortunately, I don't see that in certain circumstances, especially when there is so much chaos. I would like to see and read the Truth.

U. N. I. T. Y....means being or staying together, supporting one another. Not all of us are on the same page. However, as my Mom would say..." Nothing Beats A Failure But A Try."

Life is meant for all of us to keep going and doing what's right and what's Best for us and our Families.

How to get past the challenges of trying to make unity a reality in our current environment, so I ponder…


Vicki Goldston, Founder, Editor-in-Chief

Perceiving and defining unity opens the door to actualizing this elusive concept. Garden Spices thanks you for adding your voice to this issue. "Action" is the topic of our next issue, May 4th. How should the universe move during these days, and what are you doing to walk your talk? This page is for you! Digest the topic and let us hear from you.

Our other pages need you, too. Are you a poet, writer, designer, artist? We welcome you to become a part of our family. Contact us and join our creative community. Gate open!


Garden Spices has a host of generous contributors who share their talents. Since 2014, Camp Goldston has been lovingly publishing this magazine free of charge and without the interruption of ads. We have maintained the integrity of our mission and hope to keep from compromising the beauty of this “garden.”However, now we need your help.

Countless hours have been spent to bring you the finished product of Garden Spices. If you enjoy reading or simply browsing this magazine.

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