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Perpetual Action: Project Say Something (PSS)

Updated: May 4

Blog Post: PSS Defined


Founded in December 2014 by Camille Bennett, a beloved Florence, AL community member and daycare owner, Project Say Something (PSS) is a Black liberation nonprofit organization based in Florence, Alabama. It is dedicated to confronting systemic racism and promoting social equity through education, community empowerment, and advocacy. As a feminist organization, PSS is committed to challenging patriarchal systems and fostering an environment where Black voices and experiences are heard and valued.

Confronting Historical Injustices

One of PSS's most significant efforts involves confronting racial injustice surrounding Florence's "Eternal Vigil" Confederate monument. This monument, a symbol of the racism still residing in Florence and its painful past, has been the focus of PSS’s campaigns to raise awareness about its discriminatory origins for nearly 10 years. The organization has advocated for the placement of a new marker that denounces the monument's dedication speech, which included derogatory references to Black citizens. This initiative is part of PSS's broader strategy to educate the community about historical injustices and advocate for more inclusive and accurate representations of history.

Childcare Advocacy and Empowerment Projects

PSS is actively involved in childcare advocacy, striving to ensure equitable childcare policies that benefit Black families. Through projects like "Our Bodies, Our Business," the organization empowers women by providing resources and support for reproductive health and rights, challenging the systemic barriers that often affect Black women disproportionately.

The organization also hosts an annual Juneteenth festival, celebrating freedom and cultural heritage. This festival serves as both a commemorative event and a community gathering to foster unity and education about Black history.

The "Our Bodies, Our Business" initiative is a cornerstone project of PSS, focusing on self-care and reproductive education for Black womxn in North Alabama. Launched in response to the overturn of Roe VS Wade, the project facilitates events every month, providing free daycare, food, self-care activities, and emergency contraceptives. This initiative not only supports Black mothers but also strengthens community ties by bringing people together to discuss and learn about reproductive health and personal wellness.

"Turning Point" is another vital initiative by PSS, creating a safe space for local Black girls aged 10-13. This monthly event is designed to help young girls grow in an environment that affirms their identity and builds their confidence, equipping them with the skills to navigate and thrive in a challenging world.

Legislative Advocacy

PSS is active on the local level and engages in legislative advocacy at the Alabama State House. During each legislative session, the organization travels weekly to lobby and call for public hearings to oppose "Bad Bills" that threaten the rights and advancements of marginalized communities. This proactive approach in the political arena highlights PSS's dedication to creating substantial and lasting change through policy and public discourse.

PSS in Action

Project Say Something stands as a beacon of hope and action in Alabama. By addressing the roots of racism and inequality, whether through confronting historical symbols, advocating for better childcare, empowering women and young girls, or challenging legislation, PSS exemplifies the power of community activism and the importance of a multi-faceted approach to social justice.

For more information on how to support or get involved with Project Say Something, visit its official website ( or follow its social media channels to stay updated on its latest projects and events.



Communications & Networking Director, Project Say Something, Florence, AL

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