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This Issue: Shine!

Updated: Jul 4

Millicent Garland Photography


Yes, we're now ten (10) years old, feeling our age, but ready to Shine for you. Every Contributor has entered our "garden gate" with our mission intact:

Our mission is to provide an online space to share our thoughts, stories, and experiences. We are every race, gender, age, spiritual tradition, and physical/mental ability, and we are one garden.

We have welcomed you from all over the globe, and we hope to continue bringing you content that inspires you to laugh, hope, vision, and dream.

We are aware that this issue comes during a time when we must be reminded of our emotional, mental, and spiritual strength. We have what we need to survive any storm. We must believe this; we carry our light within our consciousness.

You will discover that each contributor invites you to their sanctuary of hope and how they maintain their shine. It never hurts to have the beauty of art and cuisine to illuminate our journey. So...

Gate open!

Vicki Goldston, aka Victorine

Founder, Editor-in-Chief


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04. Juli

Vicki, thank you for celebrating the positives in our worlds. You are a shining example of “smiles”.

Gefällt mir
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