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This Issue: Patience

Chrisje Comvalius

Chrisje Comvalius

Say the word, “patience,” and your soul hears you.  Immediately, you are encouraged to slow down and let the universe move you. ( I think it’s that soft “c” in the word). Then why is it so hard to take the action to…wait? We fuss and cuss to make our way to what is an inevitable state of being in any life process.  We gotta have it…patience.

This issue finds our Contributors defining patience in ways that mirror us as individuals and as a global society. Some have no use for it, while others defer to their higher self to understand it. Open the Garden Gate to discover the many nuances of this provocative word, which ignite articles on health, social justice, artistry, culture, and spirituality.

As we stir the spices of diversity, we hear featured Guest Contributor, Chrisje Comvalius,  in Goin’ In: Wisdom, Patience, Hope.  She gives us a glimpse of racism in Western Europe. We also experience Kenya, India, Thai, and America, all a part of this melting pot we serve you

Gate open!


-Vicki Goldston

Founder, Editor-in-Chief

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