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Our Ears Are Wide Open! We Need Your Voices.

Garden Spices asks the question:

How do you keep your "Shine?"


Linda Isbell

Where Do We Go From Here

I do my best not to offer unsolicited advice, but in this case, someone actually asked what we will do now, so here goes my take on positive action moving forward.

First, let me explain that I have been a personal coach for a number of years—actually getting into the profession at its inception, studying with Thomas Leonard in the 1980s. Before that, I received my undergraduate degree in psychology and communications and have a number of certifications dealing with personal growth and health. Since then, and actually before, much has been written about manifesting your hopes and dreams.

Many systems have been developed, but most share two common objectives: When meditating/thinking about your future and what you want to achieve, focus on what you want with the feeling you would have when you arrived at your chosen desire or destination offers the most successful results.

That said, there has been so much disappointment about Joe Biden’s performance in last night's debate. So much fear and anger about the possibility of Trump winning the next election exclaimed in various ways, which is a perfectly natural first reaction. However, sustaining those emotions in the long run will only help to strengthen the result you don’t want! You are focusing on what you don’t want with feelings. Your subconscious mind doesn’t grasp “the don’t” in this scenario – so guess what – that is the formula used incorrectly for manifesting unintended results. You are actually focusing on Biden losing and Trump winning!

When focusing on this upcoming election, I respectfully ask that all of you in this group take the time to imagine the perfect person who will work for the people and for our desired aim of uplifting everyone in the culture. While this may seem unrealistic to some or all, it is a simple but often challenging practice that imparts great energy to the result we want.

Thank you for taking the time to read. I will do my best to hold all of us high, with occasional humor posts because I can’t help myself through the upcoming months.


Laura Senecal

My husband used to ask me, “Have you spent time with the Lord today? Because your face is shining!”.

But honestly, I think self-care is something women rarely do for themselves. Whether it’s going for a walk, finding peace by dancing to music or booking a spa day.,, we have to take care of ourselves so we can shine. And our shine is our inner peace peeping out.

Patsy Butler Facebook post.



Staying focused, strong and prayerful with all the #Unbelievable things that are happening today. From Religion to Politics, from Neighboring crimes to unfair results...My #shine is deep and emotional right now. That's why I must...stay Faithful and...

Tonya Yeargin


Tyrone Banks

Living, learning, laughing and loving!


Mary Young Griffin

Trying to avoid anyone and anything that dulls my shine, and always being mindful that the source of my shine comes through me but not from me.


Garden Spices Magazine thanks you for contributing to our Anniversary issue. We remain vessels of light and are inspired by how you affirm this truth. Shine on!

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