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This Issue: Music!

David “Hummingbird” Walton


Welcome to our serenade!

Due to my personal relationship with this mellifluous energy, I cannot wait to hold open the Garden Gate to this transformational, consoling, mystical, heart aching, life-generating  gift.  It has walked with me, made me swoon, cry, and often rocks me to sleep.  We have Contributor, Robert Gerard to thank for this topic, and  I am not surprised that all of our Contributors have been moved to grace us with nuances beyond treble and bass. We listen with joy, dis-chord, and every emotion elicited by their pens.

As an homage to the musical heritage of Muscle Shoals, our Featured Image captures musician/songwriter and Guest Contributor, David “Hummingbird” Walton.  His musical anniversary is May 1st, and he has been making music for 47 years.  His songs have been sung with spirit, light, love and Mother Earth worldwide.

Wanda Gail Campbell introduces us to a 9-year-old life prodigy, Kavi Amrhein, in Where Does Music Come From?  He has a passion for creativity, a spirit infused by music. I begged Guest Contributor Lara Delfino to allow us to share her Post about her son, Henry, coming of age through the lineage of a violin.

We are tuned to a higher frequency, as Susan Peter’s Music a Healing Balm, takes us to a place and time during the 60s, when music was needed as a soul-remedy.  We listen to poetry, lyrics, and yes, we dance with Linda Isbell’s Dance On and sing/lament with Guest Contributor, Brittany Faith’s …Halfway Home:  A Post. Photographer, Bernie Basley even gives us a Nite at the Opera. 

Almost every article reflects upon mothers and their love of music, and Garden Spices says Happy Mother’s Day through Stepping Stones: Mom’s Recipe, by Guest Contributor, Katy Peterson.

So, what are you waiting for?  Let’s jam!!

Gate open!

Vicki Goldston Founder, Editor-in-Chief

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