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This Issue: Mental!

Painting by Artist, Brenda Davis, (1962-2022)

What an Anniversary!!

Loved Ones,

We celebrate eight years of Garden Spices Magazine with a topic relevant to the news of these days – “Mental.” Mental, as in one’s faculties, health, disorders – anything relating to the mind. We understand that “What a man thinketh…” can yield powerful manifestations. So how do we thrive in what can seem to be a whirlwind, sometimes a storm? “Art Saves Lives!”

In How Do You Process Your Mental State? Guest Contributor Christine “Liz” LaRue shares creativity as a source to calm our state of being.   Her artwork depicts the mastery of staying centered in strength and power. In Stepping Stones: Roe vs. Wade, LaRue sings a lament for women’s freedom, while mapping out a plan of action. In his column, Artist’s Perspective, Mikel Elam speaks of finding his peace and shares work that illustrates mental states, and in Ghanian artist, Olanrewaju Adeyemi’s: Emotion vs. Culture, we explore visions and abstractions. Championing LBGTQIA, Artist, Activist, Frank Malaba shares the pain of homophobia in Zimbabwe in Prosetry:  Limping.

We search out mental clarity by going within, as with Rev.Dr. Robert Yarbrough and Dr. Russell Clayton, but sometimes we have to call on other folks to serve us/humanity. In The Pointe, Guest Contributor, Dawn Renee Jones, needs and pleads for neighborly help and some understanding of our big picture. Setting Intentions First, Linda Isbell shares her positive medical experience with a willing staff at a medical facility. Conversely, Mental Model, by Dr. Joyce Brown, maps out her needs for patient-oriented health care, and How Covid Impacted My Mental State, by William Leroy Kennedy, shares the trials of seeking proper care.  While Collette Jones reveals her Illusion of Peace amid what seems to be endless tragedies, we also interview Camille Bennett in A Mental and Physical Health Journey to explore her journey with mental health and wellness

At the end of the moment, we all seek Mental Happiness, as defined by Dr. Robert V. Gerard. So we peek LaQuanda Simpson’s happy places.  And nothing makes us happier than good food. Sarin Basley’s Sarin’s Thai, Carla Renae’s Sugar Pearl’s, and Janis Gipson’s Mi Casa, Su Casa fill our stomachs with ravenous dishes. Guest Contributor Patricia Coleman-Cobb adds a bit of whimsy with an invitation for you to clear your head and to “Write Tyrone.”

Brenda Davis, (1962 – 2022)

Our Featured Image pays a special homage to visionary artist Brenda Davis.  While she is no longer with us in this realm,

her spiritual, cultural, visionary, and powerful work will continue to inspire us. We celebrate Brenda in The Legacy of  Vision and Light.


Vicki Goldston aka, Victorine Founder, Editor-in-Chief GARDEN SPICES MAGAZINE

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