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This Issue: Joy!!


We commence!  We are holding 2018 to what we envision at Garden Spices, Joy.  The news may tell us differently, but we are affirming we can find joy in our living, no matter what our circumstances.  As usual, joy, like all gifts, resides within us.  Our contributors invite us to examine our senses through memories, to seek understanding through our own definition of the word.  Sometimes, finding it ain’t easy, but through our Garden Gate, we discover how to get to the core of this feeling.

We start with our Contributor, Rowena Nichols, featured on the cover. We will not hear her voice this issue.  She is a stroke warrior who embraces her joy in every activity she embraces, including writing for Garden Spices.  She is now home healing, and her spirit illuminates how to defy any illusion of darkness/illness to find joy.  She is an inspiration.  Thank you, Rowena!

In A Woman for Every Season, we discover Guest Contributor, Charlene Carter as a Renaissance woman, elated to stay connected to her truth center through her numerous creative outlets.  While Columnist, RJ Starr invites us to cultivate joy, Marlon Hayes finds that joy is “elusive.”  Then there are memories that may take us to a sad place, yet beckon us to “Count it All Joy,” as does Joyce Brown’s contribution.   The essence of Joy is captured by every addition, including the Facebook posts in Stepping Stones that tell us giving is the way of the world and that holidays are wrapped in holy days 365 days a year.  The spirit of joy is with us.  So…

Gate open!

Vicki Goldston, aka, Victorine

Founder, Editor-in-Chief


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