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Loved Ones,

Here we are on this particular day, November 4, 2020, the day after the election that shook the USA; during a time when we are processing a pandemic from COVID 19. Are we still breathing? We are, knowing that the highest good is at hand. Our Contributors have invited us to view their dreams, visions, and what sustains them during times of doubt. One fantasy we can count on during these days of introspection and “staying safe” is the partaking of delicious food. While images of delectable dishes appear on social media, some make me hungry at sight.

Enter our Featured Image of the chef, and designer, Janis Merrill Gipson, celebrating Birthday splendor. Those of us that have tasted her cuisine remain in awe, with filled stomachs and declarations of “Um, um, um…” These days, we drool over her weekly food images, prepared to make us want to risk COVID safety to get a taste of it. We are also serving global cuisine from chefs Sarin Basley of Sarin’s Thai and Julies Gibs of Caribbean Kitchen. Ah, food fantasies.

Our Contributors, Tekla A. Syers and Dr. Robert Gerard, take you to Fantasy Island and Touching Heaven, respectively, and Guest Contributor, DM Tilley, invites us to his “projected fantasy” in Reality or Fantasy, You Decide. The Joy of Fantasizing, by Emma Young, takes us to some harsh realities of youth and “wishful thinking.”   While both Madame President, by Contributor Dr. Joyce Brown and Let Freedom Ring, by Contributor Susan Peters allows us to envision what could be, Guest Contributor Lee Murkey depicts narcissism’s consciousness prevention in Paralysis. Guest Contributor Abby Clark documents protests and wishes in Abby Clark: #protestspotlight.

Our poets, Gloria Lawson SylvesterImagination As Metaphor: a spiritual message streaming through the raindrops, Tekla SayersSlay the Ogres, and  Frank Malaba, Prosetry, open the door to belief systems that close the door to self-doubt. In Digging Deep, we have to ponder words for writing and we get a song from our songwriter and, now, Guest Contributor, Belinda Jackson. Did I mention the art? What would fantasy be without the elusive color indigo? 

Ever since I browsed the beauty of indigo, I have experienced only one practitioner of the art of creating deep blue spiritual beauty, Guest Contributor Mary Youg. With Indigo Magic, we enter some highlights of her work. We also catch a hint of escape with the glorious world of Helen M. Bailey in Escape with Helen M. Bailey.

We give thanks for this ample spread of, creativity and we give thanks that you are here with us, especially now. So, open the garden gate.

Gate open!

Vicki Goldston, aka, Victorine

Founder/Editor or Chief


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