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This Issue: Culture!

Star Elder by Dr. Yaoundé Olu


Loved Ones!

Dr. Yaounde Olu

Welcome to the fall of the year and the rise of Culture – culture at war, in art, appreciated, subbed, diverse, and a part of the global fiber that makes us what we are to the planet.  Whew!  We need a Star Elder to guide us into the shape of what’s to come.  Thank goodness we have been provided with a glimpse into the Retrofuturism artworld by Dr. Yaoundé Olu to enable us to review our past and to contemplate new awareness of today and beyond.

Our featured Guest Contributor is indeed an Explosion of Culture. We welcome Dr. Olu to our family and discover she is a treasure trove of art.  A journalist, an editorial cartoonist, illustrator, and publisher, she is also the founder of Drum Divas. No wonder she subscribes to the importance of culture.

Culture is inherent within our mission, and we have seized the opportunity to explore every facade.  Guest Contributor, Rhonda Hardy shares her experience about how Cultural Awareness and Design Creates Wellness and Acceptance. Dr. Marguerite Mariama reassures us of the truth of what we are during COVID culture, We are One –  race,-the human race.   In Exploring Cancel Culture,  Dr. Wanda Gail Campbell looks at the popular reaction of canceling out that which offends us.  Rev. Carol Landry explores the dichotomy of a social dynamic in Culture:  Appropriating or Appreciating. Guest Contributor, designer, Kennedie Casey, gives us a glimpse of what’s to come in her line in @KennedieKerenn. In today’s climate, we give you Photo-Activism from Guest Contributor, Audrey Mathews and a Workshop on Confederate History from Project Say Something All Contributors have given us their souls in this issue highlighting Culture, and beyond the perception and discussion of what this word does for us, we are definitely eating!

We got food from the Caribbean with Julies Gibb, Paella from Janis Gipson, and of course, we’re eating Sarin’s Thai.  All food for the soul, Gardens Spices welcomes you.

Vicki Goldston, aka, Victorine

Founder, Editor-in-Chief


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